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Blog Article | Are your tools ready to go back to work?

With further guidance from Boris Johnson regarding the return to work in the manufacturing sector, we may be, but are your tools ready to go back to work?

Prepare today with the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions, as we offer multiple solutions to your tooling headaches.

To find out more about our contact free collection and delivery service, please see this information leaflet here, and to download a returns sheet, please click here. In the coming days, we will be providing more information on our new series of Webinars, keep a lookout for more information and how to sign up for this free service from Abbey Industrial Solutions.

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News Update | Contact Free, Collection and Delivery Service

COVID-19 may be bringing with it some extraordinary challenges for this country, but here at Abbey, we are meeting every single one with tenacity and resilience. We have listened to our customers, and we are extending our contact free tool collection and delivery services.

Working with DPD, Abbey are offering a Box Drop service to all of our customers. Even if we can’t visit you, your tool can still come and see us for any maintenance and service work. This contact free service allows DPD drivers to collect and deliver tools on behalf of Abbey whilst we execute essential maintenance on client tooling assets. It is our aim, that that through this service, we can help businesses to maintain optimal functionality in these unprecedented times. Please click here to download more information on the process, and here to download a booking in sheet.

In these extraordinary circumstances, the service team at Abbey are doing all that we can to ensure that businesses who rely on our services can continue doing so in these times of uncertainty. We are practicing stringent social distancing protocol whilst increasing standards of cleanliness across our service centres. Whilst we continue to be challenged by this virus, the Abbey service team will endeavour to do everything in its power to mitigate and eliminate customer tooling headaches.

Now more than ever we find ourselves relying on collaboration and solidarity in commerce and if there is anything the team can possibly help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Whether the enquiry is for a new or replacement tool, or repair and maintenance needs, the team is here to help you as best we possibly can.

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News Update | Abbey – Service Update

We are living in deeply unpredictable times in not just the UK, but across the globe. The COVID-19 virus has become a pandemic affecting not just our daily lives, but also our livelihoods. In these trying times, the team at Abbey are fighting to do everything in our power to help our clients remain at optimal functionality for as long as we possibly can.

Following on from the Prime Minister’s advice, and the general uncertainty posed by COVID-19, the service team at Abbey Industrial Solutions is working around the clock to help mitigate and in fact eliminate client tooling headaches.

With further enhanced measures, the team are stringently adhering to government legislation regarding social distancing, in fact, we are going beyond standard precautionary measures to ensure the optimum safety of both staff and customers on various Abbey sites. This is going a long way towards ensuring that we are able to continue serving you, to the best of our ability.

In these difficult times, we are responding to your needs by increasing our service offering, whether you require non-contact collection and delivery, or would like a member of the sales team to advise you on issues faced on site whilst collecting tools, we have the men and women for the job.

Our contact free collection and delivery service, Abbey Box Drop, allows DPD drivers to collect and deliver tools on behalf of Abbey, whilst we continue to execute essential maintenance on your tooling assets. Please click here to download more information on the process, and here to download a booking in sheet. There are no hidden fees or sign up costs to this service, it is in place to help you remain at peak operational capacity amidst the current economic and social challenges.

These are unprecedented times, and now more than ever we find ourselves relying on teamwork to help support and bolster our economy and businesses. If Abbey can find industrial solutions to help, support and maximise your business to its best potential in these testing times, please do not hesitate to reach out to the dedicated Abbey team today to help make this happen.

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News Update | COVID-19 Update

In light of recent developments at the hands of Covid-19 in the UK, at Abbey Industrial, the health, safety and wellbeing of both our customers and staff is of paramount importance to ourselves and our operations.

In response to government advice this week, Abbey are sanctioning various stringent measures to ensure the upmost safety of our staff whilst mitigating any disruptions to operations. Working beyond the outlined parameters of government advice, we have exercised careful due diligence across our operations from both a sales and service perspective, within all Abbey sites.

Business Continuity

It is safe to say that the spread of Covid-19 has been both extraordinary and unprecedented, and at Abbey, we are acting with due sincerity and severity to do everything we can on our part to help stem the spread of Covid-19. Thankfully our business remains untouched, and we will be taking every active measure to ensure this remains the case.

Our business is currently fully operational with those who can work from home, doing so, and our service team is accommodating shift patterns in line with social distancing and enhanced hygiene regulations. Whilst the delivery team is also acting with due diligence, and remaining completely operational. The teams remain fully reachable via all traditional channels of phone and email and if needed, teleconferencing measures.

Covid-19 is a global health crisis with far reaching implications, and in this time of growing uncertainty we are continuing our stance to plan, prepare and respond accordingly to both government advice and customer requirements. At Abbey, our pre-planned and robust operations strategies are coming into effect to help minimise disruptions to our sales and service processes as best as possible.

MD’s closing thoughts

In these testing times and exceptional circumstances, myself and my outstanding team at Abbey, would like to extend our collective thoughts and wishes to all those who have been sadly affected by the virus. With people at the heart of all that we are, and all that we do here at Abbey, I will personally be ensuring that we continue to serve our customers and the wider community to the best of our collective capacity and ability.

Josh Stead.

Blog Article | The One-stop Solution to Your Tooling Headaches

As an independent tooling solutions provider, Abbey are proudly positioned to offer impartial advice based on each client’s individual needs. Whether you require full on-site assessments alongside detailed advice on the latest in tooling solutions, seek knowledge on DC tools which are in line with Industry 4.0 standards, or would like to emplace a comprehensive service plan; Abbey has every solution to your tooling headache.

A history of tenacity and resolutions

In over 35 years of trading, there are tooling troubles few and far between that the experienced team at Abbey haven’t witnessed and responded to with tenacity and resolution. Evolutions in the tooling market have always required the Abbey sales and service teams to be agile and responsive with constructive knowledge and solutions to market needs, this has been consistently possible thanks to our close working relationships with leading tooling manufacturers.

Supporting distribution of major brands such as Cleco and Sturtevant Richmont, Abbey work with a plethora of tooling providers to offer our clients a complete and comprehensive package of tooling solutions and service options.

Responding to an evolving landscape

Industry 4.0 brings with it a promise of a smarter, more connected future which is highly productive and efficient. A white paper report by European Tool and Mould Making Magazine titled Tooling Industry 4.0 explains how “toolmakers around the world constantly seek to make improvements in order to deliver a high level of quality in a short period of time and at competitive prices.”

Very specifically for the tooling market, the paper goes on to elaborate that “the primary objective of industrialisation in toolmaking is to reduce idle and lead times by limiting the number of variations in tool components and processes.”

These improvements are what Abbey help to bring to the array of manufacturing clients we work with. Smarter ways of working help to increase efficiencies and reduce human errors with the accuracy of computer data in DC tooling solutions.

Click to read about Abbey’s Vibration Risk Management Programmes 

Consistently viable solutions

The experienced team at Abbey are able to conduct detailed on site assessments as part of an asset management exercise. Creating an audit of all your tools including their service history and any repairs carried out alongside compliance testing, this helps to create a thorough inventory with full visibility of all your tooling assets and aids planning of maintenance and renewal without impacting productivity.

These assessments can help clients to adhere to all current health and safety legislation regarding tools, their usage and maintenance. Particularly with our HAVS testing facilities. Our manufacture trained engineers are equipped to service tools to original manufacture standards and all service and repairs including HAVS testing and calibration work take place in our ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental) certified workshop.

However, if your tools have reached the end of their lifespan and you are considering further investment in your tooling assets, then the knowledgeable team are on hand to guide you through the best tool available on the market to meet your individual needs in line with tool usage and budgets.

To learn more about Abbey Industrial Solutions and how our team can help you to reach your manufacturing potential whilst minimising your tooling headaches speak to the specialist team today.

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News Update | Cleco – Master Distributor Announcement

In our long history at Abbey Industrial Solutions, we have strived to remain at the forefront of innovation in tooling solutions, offering comprehensive sales and service packages, we are proud to take our robust supplier relationships further with our latest announcement.

As of March 2020, we are now the master UK distributor for all Cleco products. Meaning all Cleco sales in the UK will now happen exclusively via Abbey Industrial Solutions.

This exclusive relationship further strengthens Abbey’s DC tooling proposition in the market, as we bring our customers an extensive range of products which strive to make production lines more accurate, connected, productive and most importantly; safe.

Working with Cleco, we at Abbey are able to assess your individual production needs and create a tailored package of integrated solutions, which are fully optimised to help strengthen manufacturing processes. Cleco solutions are attentive towards increasing productivity whilst enhancing the users’ experience with simplicity of set-up and ease of use whilst also maintaining focus on comfort and safety.

With Cleco’s range of corded and cordless tool solutions, your assembly lines can operate at top level output. As a global leader with over 120 years’ experience in delivering a wide range of applications in the automotive, aerospace, white goods and heavy machinery manufacturing industries, Cleco and Abbey are well equipped to conjointly manage all your tooling headaches.

Mark Momola, Vice President of Marketing at Cleco Production Tools states Cleco are “dedicated to providing smart solutions that resolve our customers’ challenges. Our goal is to have the best production tools for every application, for every customer.”

Click to read Abbey’s Assembly Tooling Capabilities 

Adding to this, Andrew, Sales and Marketing Director at Abbey Industrial Solutions asserted his satisfaction in this partnership. “Abbey’s long standing relationship with Cleco has been further strengthened by our master distributor status. Enhancing our DC tooling offer, the team at Abbey are well placed to offer compelling advice on a wide range of DC solutions which are fully optimised for smart factories of the future. Abbey’s engineers are also extensively manufacture trained to conduct original manufacture standard repairs. When we pair this with our thorough tooling offer, Abbey is best placed to offer a complete end-to-end package from consultation through to implementation and finally maintenance of your tooling assets.”

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News Update | Company Update

Abbey Industrial Solutions is committed to delivering premium tooling solutions with optimum efficiency to our clients across Britain, and as part of our expansive network of operations, we are pleased to announce that as of 1st March 2020, Protec Tooling has merged into Abbey Industrial Solutions.

Over the course of our recent history; Abbey and Protec have naturally found an increasing alignment in shared endeavours, and under strategic appraisal, it has been decided to unite the two companies and operations. With over 35 years’ experience in the Industry, Abbey draws upon a wealth of exclusive trading relationships and internal resources to offer a leading range of tooling solutions, designed to help our clients get the most out of their industrial tooling, be that in specification, supply, service or management. Abbey Industrial Solutions are a premium tooling maintenance service repair provider, and our technicians are trained to deliver tooling repairs to manufacturers’ original standards.

As a combined larger organisation, customers of Protec and Abbey benefit from access to increased resources and exclusive supplier relationships alongside dependable technical knowledge and tooling service support.

Abreast with the latest in technological advances in the tooling industry alongside health and safety regulation, the team at Abbey provide a proactive and comprehensive set of solutions to all your tooling needs. Abbey can provide a complete site assessment including asset registry to help evaluate tooling requirements in alignment with the latest legislative standards. A well-managed inventory will provide complete visibility of your assets and enables you to plan ahead for maintenance and renewal without impacting on productivity.

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Blog Article | Preparing for a DC / Assembly Tooling Future

Once upon a time, when we were merely in the flirtatious throes of recognising the upcoming shift in manufacturing processes; Forbes recognised Industry 4.0 as ‘the fourth revolution in manufacturing, taking what was started in the third revolution with the adoption of computers and automation, and enhancing it with smart and autonomous systems fuelled by data and machine learning.’

As the world moves towards a smarter, more unified standard of operations, Industry 4.0 offers companies the ability to create a far more connected manufacturing environment with real time data analysis. In the article, Forbes went on to elaborate that ‘computers are connected and communicate with one another to ultimately make decisions without human involvement,’ and as machines keep gaining intelligence, factories will ultimately become more efficient and productive and less wasteful.

In line with Industry 4.0; modern DC Tooling solutions offer an improved sense of precision and accuracy which are critical for detailed operations. As a strategic UK distributor for DC tooling specialists such as Cleco, Mountz and Sturtevant Richmont; Abbey Industrial Solutions are able to offer DC tooling solutions and advice to suit every client’s individual needs and address any tooling headaches.

At Abbey, we offer precision calibration services alongside full diagnostics and repairs on any faults incurred on a client’s tooling asset. However, if an upgrade to Industry 4.0 level DC tooling is what you are after, then Abbey can not only advise on the most suitable tooling option but also help to provide initial set ups and tool usage training.

Click here to read our latest Industry Insight around Industry 4 and the automotive industry 

At Abbey we can organise the end to end management and implementation of smart tooling solutions, beginning with full on site assessments to review needs, leading onto overseeing full site integration and finally executing a long term service plan which helps to maintain optimal accuracy and usability of your DC tooling assets.

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Company Profile | Sturtevant Richmont

Following on from our earlier profile piece on Sturtevant Richmont, in this article we explore the heart of their promise, which has been perfectly encompassed in one fantastically accurate, reliable and most importantly; durable tool.

Sturtevant Richmont tools can be subjected to the most demanding of production environments and still find themselves thriving to meet on site demands. As seen in the video below, this three year old TorqTronics 2 Digital Tester was with the team of ST engineers for routine calibration servicing, and despite some extreme wear and tear, the tester still works to provide perfectly optimised output.


Within the video we can clearly see that the keypads have been almost completely torn off the face of the machine, and yet usability has not been compromised. To experience the Sturtevant Richmont promise for yourself, contact the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions today to obtain your very own range of powerfully accurate, reliable, and durable tools.

Click to view Sturtevant Richmont product demonstration 

Speak to one of our experts and learn just how the Sturtevant Richmont range of tools can help to address your tooling headaches. As a proud distributor for Sturtevant Richmont products in the UK, Abbey Industrial Solutions, proudly brings to the British market, DC Tooling solutions which are both pioneering and price sensitive.

Sturtevant Richmont are proudly agile and perceptive in their response to market needs, ensuring that your tooling investment is always financially and tangibly considered. Meanwhile, the specialist service engineering team at Abbey have been fully trained at the Sturtevant Richmont Chicago Headquarters to be able to deliver original manufacture standard maintenance and repairs to your tooling investments.

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Industry Insight | Automation and Abbey – Preparing Smart Factories of the Future

Once upon a time, there was an intimate fascination towards what the future may look like; how we would transport ourselves, physically appear, if we would even need to work for a living anymore, or if robotic clones would conveniently take over.

In all fairness, Robots have arrived, they can clean up our carpets and cut our grass (both, very questionably may I add) and in far more advanced settings, even dance with surprising sass and play chess with constant, learning intelligence.

Globally, we are accelerating towards achieving a level of intelligence and connectivity which was once only a distant pipe dream. However, a report published by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee (BEIS) in September of 2019 brought to light a reluctance towards adoption of automation in the UK.

As the UK lags behind G7 counterparts in terms of robot density, an opinion piece from Zenoot went on to highlight just how “Britain will struggle to keep pace with the productivity of international competitors if action is not taken.” The article raises some key questions and problems in equal measures as it recognises that “if UK manufacturing is to realise its potential, it must overcome its apparent reluctance to automate.”

This reluctance towards adoption from the birthplace of the industrial revolution is bewildering when we consider that the British industry even today, holds riches in technology and research. This in turn forms a solid foundation upon which to build an automated society and thus support economic growth and prosperity. To achieve all this however, the British market “must work together to move industry forward.”

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Overcoming misconceptions around the cost of uptake and integration is recognised as being one of the biggest barriers towards automation acceptance in the UK. Whereas the truth of the matter is that automation is not out of reach of many British manufacturers as is perhaps assumed, in fact; “the economic gains of introducing robots into a production line more than offsets any upfront costs.”

“In addition to the subject of expense, there is also a general lack of awareness over the numerous applications that automation can be used for.” There are several businesses within the automotive and aerospace industries for example which could enjoy significant economic growth by adopting automation.

A white paper article from European Tool and Mould Making Magazine titled ‘Smart Factory’ further supports this. The paper highlights that the central feature of an Industry 4.0 optimised smart factory of the future, will be its “ability to adapt to emergent technologies and production demands,” this adaptation to evolving production requirements can of course, only happen once an adoption of new technology takes place.

As the machines of the future are self-controlling and thus, self-learning, they are in turn also self-optimising. The machinery can exchange data with each other as required to be able to effectively communicate with each other. This helps to minimise human error and improve efficiencies, a particularly important feature for those firms who operate with sensitivity towards critical accuracy.

The role of humans, another key concern in operations, will adapt to one of monitoring and servicing, increasing the requirement for fluency in technological literacy.

Whereas adapting attitudes and barriers to acceptance is part of the battle acknowledged through education, there is also the case of buildings being outdated and not fit for today’s technological purpose, this investment in building upgrades and mechanic infrastructure is expensive in an economy tainted by Brexit uncertainty.

Published by The Independent in December 2019, the article addresses how manufacturers “ended the year at a ‘standstill’ over Brexit uncertainty.” This of course was also influenced by an ongoing downturn in major global markets, however in a survey of more than 330 companies, stakeholders indicated investment would only increase once the true “direction of travel” over Brexit becomes clear.


In order to optimise chances of smart factory adoption and integration, the end to end management of implementation and subsequent servicing is key. Cautious Brexit Britain unknowingly has solutions available however to help implement machinery of the future whilst minimising risk, and potential headaches in adoption.

At Abbey, we can manage full end to end implementation and management of systems, beginning with a thorough on site assessment, leading to adoption and finally on-going service and maintenance services to optimise your assets usability and effectiveness.

The manufacture trained specialist team at Abbey Industrial Solutions can service and repair tools to original manufacturer status, and as a leading independent provider of Industry 4.0 compatible, smart tooling solutions including power tools, accessories and consumables through to the provision of comprehensive maintenance service and repair facilities; Abbey pledge to deliver the right tool for our clients based on manufacturer merit, at the right price, alongside a complete product service plan.

As a prominent power tools and maintenance service repair provider, we not only offer impartial advice to our discerning clients, but also create tailored solutions which are unique to each customer’s needs. Abbey are a proud, premium tooling and maintenance service repair provider. To learn more about smart tooling solutions contact the team today and find the right tool to help fix your tooling headaches.

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