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As we increasingly move towards smarter modes of manufacturing and look to establish factories of the future, there is an acknowledged pressure to adopt solutions which are better optimised, better connected and better to use than ever before.

From the innovators at Cleco, come a new range of controllers, designed to help manage a wide variety of assembly tools. True to their core ideology, this range of global controllers are designed to optimise connectivity and maximise versatility. In this product spotlight, we will be looking at Cleco’s new range of mPro global controllers, smart solutions for smart manufacturers.

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mPro200 Series Global Controllers

The mPro200 series controller has been designed to easily capture and communicate data in real time within your plant network. Unlike previous tools for this function, the mPro200 prides itself in the compact nature of its design which allows you to minimise your footprint in the manufacturing environment without compromising on your performance.

Key features:

  • The mPro200 series controller can connect with up to 10 cordless tools to plant whilst integrating with MES.
  • Thanks to its compact nature, users can save valuable space on the plant line
  • Stay connected as you establish operating parameters and monitor production remotely

mPro300 Series Global Controllers

The mPro300 series controller has been expressly designed for Cleco’s NeoTek corded assembly tools. Providing versatile protocol functionality and easy integration into plant systems, the mPro300 provides a fully dedicated one-to-one connected solution for NeoTek tools.

Key features:

  • Seamlessly integrate with multiple plant protocols
  • Designed for optimum ease of use; the large touch screen enables simple programming functionality and quick access to tightening data
  • Dedicated connected solution for NeoTek tools

mPro400 Series Global Controllers

Conceived to manage multiple Cleco cordless and corded assembly tools, the mPro400 series controller delivers the ultimate flexibility for assembly lines by allowing full utilisation of both corded and cordless tools. From the simple to incredibly complex tightening requirements, the mPro400 controllers allow for easy integration into any manufacturing environment.

Key features:

  • With complete flexibility, the mPro400 can support a combination of up to 16 corded and cordless tools
  • Fantastically intuitive, the user friendly 10.5” touch screen provides totally interactive operator guidance
  • Offering compatibility with legacy models, the dual analogue/digital controller supports previous editions of Cleco tools.

To learn more about Cleco’s range of DC tooling solutions, contact the team at Abbey today. With master UK distributor status, the sales and engineer teams at Abbey are best equipped to offer you viable solutions to your tooling headaches.

Conducting full on site assessments, the team will work with you to find the right application for your needs. Drawing upon vast industry and product knowledge, you can be assured of finding a solution optimised to your manufacturing needs whilst complying with the movement towards Industry 4.0 and smart solutions.

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Summer of Innovation

This summer, Abbey Industrial Solutions are bringing a series of interactive events to customers, highlighting the latest innovations in the tooling market.

In June, we kickstarted the event with our Cleco CellCore Webinar. Alongside a detailed product demonstration, the event held a lively question and answer session with Abbey’s resident DC Tooling Expert. Learn about the range today by clicking here.

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