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Blog Article | Abbey’s Specialist Teams

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, we pride ourselves on being a comprehensive tooling solutions provider, supporting you through the purchase, installation and maintenance of your tooling with our manufacturer trained team of engineers and specialist technical support teams.

Our specialist teams work across multiple manufacturing disciplines from aerospace to off road vehicle production, supplying both off the shelf and bespoke tooling solutions from a range of leading global manufacturers. Our teams work with you to provide detailed consultations. Conducting thorough on-site assessments to consider individual site needs, Abbey recommend tooling solutions based on multiple factors such as compatibility to existing tooling, tool usage and maintenance schedules.

Abbey Assembly Team 

Ensure your tools ae optimised for productivity with the manufacturer trained engineering specialists at Abbey Industrial Solutions. Our team can offer multiple service and support solutions to suit your Intelligent Tooling systems.

Trained by leading DC tooling manufacturers such as Bosch, Cleco, Sturtevant Richmont and more, Abbey’s team of specialist tooling engineers are fully manufacturer trained to service your tools in line with original equipment standards.

Vibration Risk Management

At Abbey, we work with a multitude of manufacturers to provide expert advice and services around vibration management and HAVS in line with HSE standards. An effective programme should ensure the health and safety of employees by thorough assessment and implementation of measures to minimise and where possible, eliminate vibration risk.

We also provide information and training for employees on vibration risks, HAVS and appropriate control measures, as part of our Toolbox Talks Service.

Abbey’s Service Team Engineers are trained to conduct on-site assessments using comprehensive testing equipment. We’ve also developed data collection methods which are meticulous and encompass details such as estimated trigger times, photos of the equipment or test and a ready reckoner which can be used in conjunction with estimated trigger times to provide an overall risk factor for the tools in question.

Tooling Management

Supporting your tooling requirements, Abbey Tooling Management encapsulates a comprehensive selection of service and support possibilities. Solutions include the implementation of total asset management systems, including Planned Preventative Maintenance programmes and compliance systems to maximise production uptime.

At Abbey, our service engineers can be assigned as a dedicated on-site resource or visit sites on a more flexible demand led basis. All tooling services completed by Abbey can be tracked by a robust tooling management system which analyses the life-cycle and operative status of your assets. This system can be integrated into existing management programmes, offering your seamless tooling support.

Abbey’s team of engineers are OEM trained to repair a wide range of tooling assets ranging from pneumatic to DC product ranges from leading, global tooling manufacturers. Following ISO standards, Abbey’s national coverage and repairs at UK based service centres, ensure that you receive a timely and accurate repair on all your tooling assets.

For a comprehensive tooling answer which maximises your manufacturing productivity, contact the team today to organise your personalised tooling consultation. | 01924 224240

Product Profile | Dotco Grinders

Dotco – Perfect Precision

As part of the Apex Tools comprehensive tooling portfolio, Dotco has long been recognised for its durability, dependability and versatility. An ethos of continuous improvement in engineering design and manufacturing processes has helped Dotco to become synonymous with helping to achieve perfection in precision tooling.

Tough Tools for Tough Jobs

Dotco Grinders are ergonomically designed with the user in mind, they are small, lightweight and comfortable to use without compromising on the three core pillars of durability, dependability and versatility. Dotco Grinders incorporate elastomer coatings whilst perfectly balancing moving parts to help keep vibration to a minimum, thereby helping to minimise operator risk from developing symptoms of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome. This optimal combination of tool characteristics allows operators to focus on doing the best job possible in the least amount of time.

Dotco Grinders meet the demanding requirements of multiple industries including ship building, pipe fabricating, transportation equipment manufacturing and welding applications amongst others. Since these types of applications typically require a high material removal rate, Dotco Grinders incorporate high horsepower / high RPM motors.

What are your tooling needs?

As a proud master distributor of Apex Tools in the UK, Abbey Industrial Solutions bring to market expert knowledge which can help to optimise manufacturing processes for our clients. Whether you seek replacements for single units or require complete upgrades to more robust and ergonomic tooling systems, not only are there a multitude of tools under the Apex Tools banner that can complete those jobs, but the expert teams at Abbey will take the time to find the right solution to your specific tooling needs.

Are your tools fully serviced and optimised?

Alongside the sale of tooling, Abbey Industrial Solutions boasts a manufacturer trained team of engineers. Our service team members are fully trained to complete meticulous maintenance on all your tooling assets. From pneumatic to DC tool repair services, our team can help to ensure that your tools are fully optimised for your production needs.   |  01924 224240

Product Profile | Next Generation 6 Burs

Foundry industry labourers work in very physically challenging conditions and as such, any improvements made to manufacturing methods can have a very real and impactful effect on processes.

Due to the nature of the work in the foundry industry, applications often require aggressive metal removal solutions. In answer, ATA Garryson Burs and Air Tools have been specifically developed to optimise the product performance whilst also ensuring operator comfort is maintained. This is especially evident in the recently launched Next Generation 6 range of tools which are not only outperforming all comparable burs but also, their application strengths are directly applicable to the foundry industry.

Introducing Next Generation 6

‘Developed and engineered by ATA to accelerate manufacturing processes and increase product life,’ these Next Generation 6 carbide burs have an lengthened life whilst grinding material for longer and faster and also increasing performance to deliver a better finish.

  • Demonstrated to remove up to 75% more stock on Mild Steel during the first 5 minutes of grinding when tested against other leading premium quality comparable burs.
  • With accelerator coating, the rate of stock removal is up to double that of other leading comparable burs.
  • Next Generation 6 along with the accelerator coated option, consistently outperforms similar burs in steel, stainless steel, mild steel and cast iron classifications.

What are your tooling needs?
As a proud distributor of ATA products in the UK, Abbey Industrial Solutions bring to market, expert knowledge on solutions to optimise manufacturing processes for our clients. As an independent tooling solutions provider, Abbey Industrial Solutions are on hand to provide advice on the latest in tooling innovations across the industry. Whether you seek replacements for single units or require an entire suite of tooling assets, our expert team are on hand to guide you through your every tooling sales and service need.

Would financing help?
Personalised for your personal needs, Abbey One is a fully customisable purchase and maintenance programme. One single monthly payment enables you to reduce costs and maximise tooling up-time, whilst we manage the complete life-cycle of your tooling. One single monthly payment enables you to reduce costs and maximise tooling up-time, whilst we manage the complete life-cycle of your tooling.

Contact the team today for further information on how to maximise your manufacturing productivity. | 01924 224240

Product Profile | Sturtevant Richmont TCVe2

Sturtevant Richmont and the TCVe2.

The pioneering torque specialists in the US are bringing to market a brand new TCV Controller now with an ethernet connection.

A Brief History

Originally launched in 1999, the I/O driven TCV controller was something of a pioneer in delivering wireless error proofing in the tooling market. Driven by a PLC, the TCV was great for controlling a process and verifying the completion of work.

With one box and one tool, the original TCV worked simply with a click wrench. Although it delivered no reporting on work completed, it did provide never before seen process verification, which for many operators was a perfect fit in their assembly processes.

The New TCVe2

The new TCVe2 available at Abbey Industrial Solutions, works with an Ethernet Connection, presenting MES connection capabilities. In essence, the level of sophistication in reporting and process accuracy is exponentially expanded.

Compatible for use with Sturtevant Richmont’s TAC (the digital torque and angle click wrench) and the SLTC FM 2.4 GHz, two operators can work simultaneously using the TCVe2, without any compromises on production speed.

Using Sturtevant Richmont’s new digital torque and angle wrench, the TCVe2 captures date and time stamps alongside exact torque and angle values for each fastening. This provides operators with the precise data required in modern intelligent manufacturing without compromising on takt time. The nature of the reporting highlights where the wrench clicked and where the operator ceased pulling. This is actionable data which users can then use for reporting and training.

Available at Abbey Industrial Solutions

If you have an indexing line and torque control matters, the TCVe2 and radio equipped tools by Sturtevant Richmont can go a long way in helping you to maximise your manufacturing productivity.

At Abbey, we pride ourselves on being a comprehensive tooling solutions provider, supporting you through the purchase, installation and maintenance of your Sturtevant Richmont tooling with our manufacturer trained team of engineers and specialist technical support teams. We manage the complete life-cycle of your tooling, from purchase to service and maintenance, from our UK based service centres, ensuring a proactive and swift response to your tooling needs.

The TCVe2 along with Sturtevant Richmont’s rich portfolio of torque specialist tooling is now available to purchase at Abbey Industrial Solutions.

Contact our specialist teams today to organise your free personalised consultation, as we work with you to thoroughly assess and understand your tooling needs before recommending robust, considered solutions to help maximise your manufacturing productivity. | 01924 224240

Product Profile | Cleco’s CellTek Range

Continuing on a revolutionising innovation streak, Cleco’s new CellTek Cordless assembly tools combine superior connectivity with reliable, real-time synchronisation for manufacturing and engineering systems.

Cleco’s considered range of products from CellCore through to CellTek, are a robust answer to multiple manufacturing demands. What is worth noting with CellTek technology, is that it places safety critical assembly at centre stage, providing you with complete peace of mind on your tooling investments.

When we combine the safety critical nature of the CellTek with its best-in-class accuracy, this new range from Cleco can be recognised as the fastest cordless assembly tools in their class.

Key features of the CellTek technology include:

  • Safety/accuracy – repeatability of 2.0cm//cmk at +/-7% accuracy for safety critical joints
  • Flexible – easily connects over Wi-Fi (2.4 & 5.0 GHz) or Bluetooth 4.0
  • Reduce down-time – Exchange tools in seconds by swapping all wireless parameters and run down results on the line using SmartSwap card.
  • Decreased Takt Times – Patented motor technology allows for increased speeds over other battery platforms.
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi range – up to 150 feet for a broad connection within your production facility.
  • Stay Alive Function – Prevents reboot during battery change, gaining time and efficiency.
  • On-Tool Storage – Back-up on tool data collection in the event of disrupted connection



Available exclusively via Abbey Industrial Solutions

Abbey Industrial Solutions are the master distributors for Cleco in the UK. Our dedicated Assembly Engineers and Sales Team, work with you to assess your individual production needs before creating a tailored package of integrated solutions, which are fully optimised to maximise your manufacturing productivity.

Cleco’s leading range of solutions allows your assembly lines to operate at top level output, with over a 120 years’ experience in delivering a wide range of applications in the automotive, aerospace, white goods and heavy machinery manufacturing industries, Cleco and Abbey are perfectly matched and equipped to manage your tooling needs.

To learn more about our Assembly and Service Packages contact the team today.  |  01924 224240

News Update | Meet our new team members!

Our team is growing! Join us as we welcome three new members in the team across Sales and Service at Abbey.

First up, meet Natasha, she joins us from Alco Valves. Working alongside our existing internal sales and service team members, Natasha will be using her experience as order progress manager to manage your orders on Abbey’s bespoke Tooling Management System. Supporting customers in their buying journey’s, Natasha will be a key port of call for your sales tooling needs.

Enthusiastically embracing the daily challenges of a fast paced SME business, Natasha is settling in well and “really enjoying this new challenge and opportunity.”

Also joining the team, we have Graeme – he joins as a Business Development Manager for Key Accounts in the South. Bringing over twenty years’ experience in the BIW and Automation sector, Graeme will play an integral role in Abbey’s growing provision of Assembly Tooling in the marketplace.

Throughout his career, Graeme has worked in an assortment of roles which capitalise on his engineering degree foundations. In his most recent position, he has supported OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers in understanding the most suited fasteners on new and existing, BIW projects. This in turn, created opportunities to successfully identify cost saving initiatives whilst maximising tooling uptime. Graeme also has considerable experience in lending technical support to projects, from inception through to completion, whilst keeping a keen eye on product life-cycle thereafter.

As part of his role at Abbey, Graeme will be responsible for driving growth in the South of England, with key focus around Assembly Solutions and Material Removal alongside the implementation of complimentary Service Programmes.

On joining Abbey, Graeme is: “Really looking forward to the new challenge. Abbey both advocates and applies values of quality provision. I’m excited to offer my contribution to the next phase of development for the company.”

Finally, we have Ian who joins Abbey as a Senior Service Engineer in the workshop. Ian’s experience and expertise is a fantastic opportunity for Abbey to continue our on-site service provision across the UK.

If you have any sales or service needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to the expert team today, we’re here to help you maximise your manufacturing productivity. | 01924 224240

Company Profile | Metabo

An enduring name in the world of tooling, this months’ company profile shines a light on Metabo, a prominent provider of professional power tool solutions.

During Metabo’s inception in 1924, the company founders developed and sold the first handheld metal drill. Later down the line in 1957, the company introduced the first drill manufactured in a series – and it has continued to innovate and improve it’s tooling since.

Over the years, this leading international manufacturer of power tools and accessories, has come to be recognised as a leading provider of professional drilling technology, which is characterised by its high quality and safety credence.

Offering almost all of their tooling solutions in cordless versions, Metabo have developed powerful battery pack technology to provide a parallel usage experience between the corded and cordless editions.

What are your tooling needs?
As a proud distributor of Metabo products in the UK, Abbey Industrial Solutions bring to market, expert knowledge on solutions to optimise manufacturing processes for our clients. As an independent tooling solutions provider, Abbey Industrial Solutions are on hand to provide advice on the latest in tooling innovations across the industry. Whether you seek replacements for single units or require an entire suite of tooling assets, our expert team are on hand to guide you through your every tooling sales and service need.

Would financing help?
In these uncertain times we want to help you in every way we can. Be that the best tooling advice, servicing provisions or finance options to support your tooling purchases.

Abbey One is a transparent financing option which allows our customers to preserve lines of credit whilst maximising budget expenditure in a payment plan seamlessly designed to suit individual buying needs. With Abbey One, customers can invest capital across multiple assets within the business as necessitated.

To find out more about the service we offer, contact the team for further details.

Contact the team today for further information to maximise your manufacturing productivity. | 01924 224240

Abbey Promotion | Cleco CellCore and NeoTek

Make your purchases go further, invest in Cleco tooling with Abbey Industrial Solutions. Our latest promotion offers CellCore and NeoTek technology to help you maximise your productivity.

Cleco CellCore tools are prided upon for being the smartest tools for the toughest environments. They are easy to handle and tough to break, making them the perfect production partner in assembly halls across multiple manufacturing disciplines.

Developed to suit a wide variety of needs, Cleco’s CellCore range is designed to be:

  • Ergonomic – reducing operator fatigue while delivering state of the art power and intelligence.
  • Easy to use – large user interface allows easy on-the-tool programming without a controller.
  • Durable – recognised as being assembly-line tough. They are drop-tested up to 5 feet.
  • Reliable – increases tooling uptime with 500k cycles between maintenance.

Meanwhile the NeoTek range of Cordless Assembly Tools bring superior connectivity with the most reliable real-time synchronisation for manufacturing and engineering systems. Designed to ensure safety-critical assembly with best-in-class accuracy, they are also the fastest cordless assembly tools available in their class.

Abbey Promotion

As a master distributor for Cleco tooling in the UK, Abbey is bringing to market, two fantastic new promotions designed to enhance client manufacturing capabilities.

CellCore – Purchase your CellCore tool of choice and receive these additional items free of charge per tool:

  • 1 x Battery 2.0 Ah
  • 1 x 1-Bay Quick Charger
  • 1 x Tool Cover of Choice
  • 1 x Cleco Softshell Jacket

The CellCore range currently benefits from these upgrades:

  • Ball-retainer anvil on right / angle models
  • Projection tool covers for various models
  • High torque – models up to 2000Nm



NeoTek – Experience the benefit of NeoTek technology with an additional 15% off your purchases.

Promotion includes:

  • Tool
  • Cables
  • mPro Controllers
  • Accessories


Offers are valid with Abbey’s usual terms and conditions of sale and available until 30th June 2021.

If you require any further information on the promotions, or would like to speak to our team to discuss ways to optimise your manufacturing with upgrades to tooling, service plans or specialist advice, contact us today and maximise your manufacturing productivity. | 01924 224240


Product Profile | TRUMPF – One Battery. Many Solutions.

Founded in Stuttgart in the year of 1923 as a series of mechanical workshops, TRUMPF today, is a prominent high tech company with global presence.

TRUMPF stands for ‘quality, excellent products, highly efficient processes and outstanding results.’ Family owned, TRUMPF embodies its ideals as it firmly believes that the success of the company derives from the fact that they live common values and aspire to shared objectives. Ambitious in plans, and true to delivery; TRUMPF strives to achieve continuous growth that is ‘far above the average for sectors in which we are active. We aim for a return on sales that enables us to afford our high expenditure on research and development as well as investments made by our own efforts.’

Cordless Alliance System (CAS)

Providing users with enhanced flexibility, CAS rechargeable battery packs and rechargers from multiple manufacturers work in this one system. ‘CAS provides the most efficient rechargeable battery system in the industry from Metabo and over 30 years of experience in rechargeable batteries which is now available for TRUMPF Power Tools.’ Users benefit from a higher degree of reliability, clear cost advantages alongside top investment security.

Key advantages include:

100% Compatibility – Everything works together: 18V battery-powered machines, rechargeable batteries and chargers from any brand. Clear cost advantage thanks to multiple use of existing rechargeable batteries. No matter if it is Li-Ion or LiHD technology, 2.0 Ah, 4.0 Ah, 5.2 Ah, 5.5 Ah, 8.0 Ah or 10.0 Ah.

Twice the Freedom – CAS means you do not have to depend on cables. Users can use machines from multiple manufacturers with one rechargeable battery.

Leading Rechargeable Battery TechnologyCAS represents a sophisticated rechargeable battery system that you can rely on for standard and special applications.

Battery Technology Key Features Include:

Highly Productive

  1. Reliable charging thanks to innovative technology.
  2. Process controlled charge and discharge management
  3. Extremely long application with minimum temperature development to protect the cells.


  1. Long runtime thanks to high quality materials, intelligent battery management and Power Head Technology
  2. Permanent Electronic Single Cell Protection (ESCP) during charging
  3. Optimum protection from interior contamination due to complete encapsulation and protective paint


  1. The outer rubber lining around the battery pack ensures it fits safely and does not slip, also serving as shock protection.

Other Advantages 

  1. Rubber buffer protects the cells
  2. Long storage life, almost no self-discharge
  3. Conductor rails capable of high current, enlarged contacts and high conductivity thanks to a special copper alloy of the cell connectors
  4. Capacity display: battery capacity can be checked at any time
  5. Same recharger for 12V to 36V rechargeable batteries

For more details on the TRUMPF range of products, contact the team today for your personalised consultation and learn how the Abbey team can work with you to provide tooling solutions to maximise your manufacturing productivity. | 01924 224240

Toolbox Talks With Abbey

Toolbox Talks with Abbey are more than a tick box exercise. Encompassing a comprehensive understanding of customer needs, we work across multiple tooling disciplines from Assembly, Material Removal and Drilling and Riveting, to deliver robust tooling solutions.

We know that individual sites, even within the same business will often have diverse needs, based on manufacturing output. Therefore, our expert teams work with you to gain a complete understanding of requirements, including intent of use, budgets and maintenance schedules, to provide carefully crafted answers to your tooling questions.

Our Process Typically Includes:

  • A thorough on-site evaluation which includes an understanding of manufacturing processes and correct tooling required.
  • All tooling merits are considered based on usage needs, maintenance costs and service requirements.
  • The expert team then present a fully considered solution to help maximise your manufacturing productivity.

Service Plans and Purchase Programmes

Our highly trained team of expert Engineers are OEM educated, providing asset security on every tool serviced. With all assets registered on Abbey’s Tooling Management System, we are able to maintain an accurate and fully traceable understanding of the tool’s complete lifecycle and operative status. This system can be integrated into existing management programmes to offer you seamless tooling support, whilst providing compliance with current ISO standards.

Meanwhile Abbey One, a fully customisable lease and maintenance programme, allows you to keep better track of your finances along with the purchase and lifecycle management of your tooling in one location. Abbey One is a comprehensive plan providing complete investment confidence, as our plans are tailored to individual business purchasing needs, falling in line with our Toolbox Talk evaluations and service plans.

A Complete Solution

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering complete tooling solutions to maximise manufacturing productivity. As an independent operative, we work with a wide range of leading tooling manufacturers to bring you innovative and robust solutions to your tooling needs.

To find out more about our sales and services, contact the team today for a free, personalised consultation to ensure your tools are fully optimised for your manufacturing needs. | 01924 224240