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Abbey’s July Promotion

Welcome to Abbey’s latest Promotion, current products and prices are valid until July 31st 2020.

Download the brochure here today and choose from abrasives and grinders to tooling accessories, as hundreds of items go on clearance. All items are sold subject to availability and also in accordance to Abbey’s usual terms and conditions of sale. To secure your items, call or email the sales team today to provide an official order number.

Sales Team |   01924 224240

Company Profile – ATA, The Industrial Air Tools Specialist

Industrial tooling is utilised in a multitude of applications across multiple sectors and at Abbey Industrial Solutions, we recognise that no two companies and their needs are the same. Alongside electric and Industry 4.0 led DC Tooling solutions, we also specialise in the sale of air tools.

Unlike conventional power tools which are powered by battery or electric supply, pneumatic tools are powered by an air compressor, which amongst other things, helps to ensure that a constant level of pressure is supplied to the tool.

Contrasting electric tool counterparts, air tools are a lightweight solution for applications in which prolonged use of a tool may be required. The often ergonomic design helps to reduce muscle fatigue and strain for the user. Another perceived benefit of an air tool is the lower maintenance cost and quicker repair times owing to fewer moving components comprising the machine. This all results in a reduced expectant downtime of tools whilst essential maintenance and repair is conducted.

The primary benefit of these tools is the versatility of use. As the reliance on electricity is eliminated, these tools are compatible for use in remote locations or environments in which electric tools pose a potential hazard and risk to health.

ATA Industrial Air Tools carry an “extensive and comprehensive portfolio to include a vast range of tooling solutions which allow consumers to maximise productivity and efficiency as well as maintaining safety.”

The ATA range of Die Grinders “cover a wide range of applications from grinding to finishing. With an excellent power to weight ratio, ATA’s straight body die grinder range consists of 5 product lines that are cross functional in several industries.”

Meanwhile their range of Industrial Angle Grinders “are ideal for heavy-duty applications requiring fast stock removal. Built with a high power air motor, ATA’s range of angle grinders are designed to drive grinding. Common applications are weld prep and dressing, edge preparations, post weld finishing and flash removal on castings or forgings.”

What are your tooling needs?
As a proud distributor of ATA products in the UK, Abbey Industrial Solutions bring to market, expert knowledge on the latest air tool solutions which can help to optimise manufacturing processes for our clients. As an independent tooling solutions provider, Abbey Industrial Solutions are on hand to provide advice on the latest in tooling innovations across the industry. Whether you seek replacements for single units or require an entire suite of tooling assets, our expert team are on hand to guide you through your every need and tooling headache.

Would financing help?
In these uncertain times we want to help you in every way we can. Be that the best tooling advice, servicing provisions or finance options to support your tooling purchases.

Abbey Finance is a transparent financing option which allows our customers to preserve lines of credit whilst maximising budget expenditure in a payment plan seamlessly designed to suit individual buying needs. With Abbey Finance, customers can invest capital across multiple assets within the business as necessitated.

To find out more about the service we offer, please click here for more information.

Are your tools fully serviced and optimised?
Alongside the sale of tooling suites, Abbey Industrial Solutions boasts a manufacturer trained fleet of engineers. Our service team members are fully trained to complete meticulous maintenance on all your tooling assets. From pneumatic to DC tooling services, our team can help to ensure that your tools are fully optimised for your production needs.

To organise the contact free collection of your tooling assets, please click here to download a returns sheet, or alternatively, please feel free to contact the team directly today, to learn more.   |  01924 224240

Abbey Product Innovation Series – Revolutionising Productivity

Following on from the previous success of Abbey’s product innovation webinar, we’re pleased to invite you to a brand new presentation. Site visits may be difficult right now, however the dynamic team at Abbey are here to ensure that you remain abreast with the latest developments and innovations in the tooling market.

In 2019, the innovators across the pond, Sturtevant Richmont released the TAC digital click wrench. Seamlessly combining the speed, agility and ease of use elements from their click wrenches with the accuracy, reporting capabilities and torque and angle functionality of their 1350 digital torque and angle wrenches.

The TAC Digital Wrench brings to market, better accuracy not only in assembly but also in the provision of analytical data. Once again Andrew Barraclough, Sales and Marketing Director at Abbey, will be joined by Mark Cain, the Technical Director, and the duo will be reviewing and demonstrating the wrench and its capabilities.

This is your chance to gain first-hand knowledge from our resident tooling specialists. Want to ask of the products capabilities? Gain an unbiased opinion on the best solutions for your tooling headaches? Then sign up today and experience what Abbey do best, bring you the best tooling solutions for your site needs.

To sign up, please complete the simple registration form below. As a bonus, every attendee will be enrolled into a prize draw to win a brand new iPad at the end of the series. The webinar will be held at 2.00pm BST on Tuesday 21st July 2020, and will be available to view via registration only.

Please feel free to send any questions you may have about the Sturtevant Richmont range before the webinar to and we will answer them all during the event.

Missed the first event? Watch it today!

The first of this summer’s series, this 30 minute event focussed on the Cleco CellCore range.

The tooling experts at Abbey Industrial Solutions, reviewed the durable, reliable and affordable DC Tooling range live on our YouTube Channel. You can still join the conversation by clicking this link or the image to view the webinar recording.

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, we strive to be your one-stop tooling specialist provider, and throughout this year we have continued to provide our usual high standards of sales and service provisions, following stringent social distancing contact rules. To find out more about our contact free service provision for your tooling assets, please click here.

We look forward to seeing you virtually at the event!



Industry Insight – Analysing Automated, Automotive Achievements

A short while ago, Auto Retail Network in conjunction with PwC and Strategy&, released a report titled The Future of Mobility. The detailed report sought to bring into focus the rapidly changing demands of the modern world, and how the automotive industry is navigating its way through these often revolutionary changes.

A key driver in our changing world is technology and more importantly, the provision of increased connectivity and data which facilitates a seamless existence between humans, and the array of technological advancements available to support our daily lives.

The turbulent relationship between the UK government and tech giant Huawei has been well documented in the media. Cyber connectivity has never been more valuable, or indeed more hazardous to the operation of our existence. From the moment we wake up, to the moment we take the final blink of our tech filled days, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of the populace are turning to digital detox’s to address these very valid addictions.

And yet how far can one truly run away from technology? Once the detox is over, many of us still wake up to the sound of our phone alarms, travel in our cars on smart motorways, to jobs involving computers, technology, connectivity, sharing. Everything we seemingly crave and simultaneously chase away.

Sharing is Caring

We have always been taught that sharing is caring, however, it’s a valid concern and question when we pause to consider just who has access to our shared data, who provides that data and how all of our thoughts, shares, likes and pictures are stored and documented in the other worldly dimension that is the internet. Frankly, it’s an equally fascinating and frightening marvel to behold.

It is no wonder then, that the government is precariously balancing the tightrope upon which they are required to both meet and respond to the nations increasing data demands, whilst evaluating and actioning suitable measures to ensure the optimum safety of this data and its provision.

Technology is taking on an increasingly important role to the functionality of our daily lives, and it is a seemingly natural evolutionary step forward to consider how technology will impact the cars of the future. Yes, sharing in this case is caring. The smarter our technology becomes, and the more knowledge and data tech giants are able to hoard, the better placed they are to understand a population’s needs and requirements. Often before we ourselves are in a position to do so.

The Future of Mobility report believes that tomorrows car will represent a step change in form and function when compared to what is on offer today. As well as the longer term development of the autonomous car, there will continue to be new levels of connectivity amongst vehicles, enabling new services both inside and outside the car.

An example of increased intelligence and connectivity lies with lane keep assist. Whilst systems continue to gain intelligence and become more sophisticated as they assess when and how much to intervene, the aim for automotive engineers is to develop technology which works with drivers rather than become an annoyance that is later ignored.

The new eco – conscious, connected driver is influencing both the manufacturing, purchase and use of the car of the future, and modern manufacturers will ironically take more away from this driver, even as the value proposition increases. Drivers of the future will be mere passengers of connectivity as the ultimate goal is to create a lifestyle aspiration.

In the future, it is predicted that our relationship with our cars will become infinitely more intimate. For example, let’s assume you, the reader, make plans to go to a restaurant with your partner. You find a place you would like to visit and save it on your phone, the car recognises this save, navigates you to your destination, even picks out parking recommendations based on learned habits of whether you prefer to park closer or further away from establishments depending on parking costs. You will then exit the vehicle to find navigation options to your chosen restaurant. However, to achieve this level of connectivity, we surprisingly need to be living in a far more connected society, where the sharing of information and customisation is as intrinsic as breathing to allow it to become truly embedded in daily actions.

Challenges Ahead

The rise of the connected car will arrive in revolutionary increments, in this there is no doubt. However, there is also little doubt that the future of the car industry has never been under as much pressure as it is today, increasing demands from environmentalists and legislators alike place questions over automotive development and provide very little answers in return.

For example, let’s turn our gaze onto the trailblazers at Tesla. Anxious to sell their technology and cement their vision in history as one of the first mass providers of the electric automotive vehicle, they are producing and selling cars which are often beyond the spirit of recognised regulation. And it is the regulators in this case who were forced into playing catch up. The conundrum being, that if it is outside current regulations, is it allowed at all?

What we all understand a truly smart car to be however, is one that is linked to our new limbs (otherwise known as smartphones) this car will know exactly who we are as we enter a vehicle, our preferred radio, seat and even heat settings that will be automatically updated upon entry. It will drive us to our destinations, with little intervention, on motorway networks that are connected whilst conversing with nearby cars to help regulate and monitor our collective speeds, because that is smart.

Meeting these challenges in tandem with manufacturers is the dedicated team at Abbey Industrial Solutions. As a specialist service provider, Abbey work closely with a vast range of leading car manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers such as Vauxhall, Nissan and Marelli to supply a range of leading industrial tooling solutions designed to facilitate the future. At Abbey, we provide complete end-to-end management and implementation of tooling suites designed around evolving market and customer needs.

Our exclusive relationships with an array of leading suppliers of DC tooling solutions, uniquely places and equips the Abbey team to provide ultimate tooling solutions befitting individual site needs.

To learn more about Abbey, our client base, tooling solutions or even service offering, contact the team today. | 01924 224240

Mountz Power Torque Tools, The Precise Answer for Productive Assembly

Thanks to the invent of Industry 4.0, modern manufacturers face multiple questions when seeking to invest in tooling suites for their manufacturing requirements. But the answers need not be complicated. Modern tooling solutions are optimised for an array of individual tooling needs, with particular emphasis, upon speed and precision in manufacturing.

The power of torque tools

The eternal challenge for production managers has long remained the conundrum of ‘how exactly to ensure consistency and accuracy in production.’ This is further compounded by variances in operator’s individual strength and tendencies towards simple human errors. How often have you lost track of your actions in the face of monotony?

Power torque tools however, provide a level of consistent accuracy and speed in manufacturing perhaps never seen before, removing much of the onus on operators as instead, tooling suites ensure precision in production.

We know that we use torque in production to tighten bolts and screws for example. For a screw to be correctly tightened, a screwdriver must apply an exact amount of torque to the screw’s head. Under-application can lead to a screw falling loose from its assembly, whereas over-application can damage the screw, the assembly, or both. In both instances we are met with product rejection on the line or product failure in the hands of consumers.

Torque screwdrivers, be it electric or pneumatic, are tools which help to deliver precise amounts of torque to the heads of screws. And an investment in torque screwdrivers can help to prevent the earlier discussed human errors in production as we eliminate possibilities of applying incorrect amounts of force, and therefore damaging products.

The Electronic torque screwdrivers and pneumatic torque screwdrivers from Mountz both control torque using different means thought they can achieve similarly accurate results. Pneumatic screwdrivers rely on an internal clutch mechanism to stop applying force at the right time, whilst electronic screwdrivers typically reduce the current to stop or slow torque. This gives electronic torque screwdrivers additional functionality, such as soft stops, which protect sensitive products.

Accuracy of Industry 4.0

When we refer back to our earlier questions of investment, products such as the MDC V2 Controller from Mountz, operates with the MD series of electric screwdrivers and becomes a single tool controller that offers programmable speed, angle auto reverse and soft start options.

Available with 15 pre-sets and adjustable parameters, the MDC Controller can manage and mitigate related errors with torque, speed and angle in production.

An increased dialogue between machinery provides both operators and managers a peace of mind in accuracy with accompanying potential for reduction in production waste as error proofing is actively addressed with modern tooling investments.

Your one-stop tooling solution provider

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, we strive to be your one-stop tooling specialist provider, and throughout this year we have continued to provide our usual high standards of sales and service provisions, following stringent social distancing guidelines. To find out more about our contact free service provision for your tooling assets, please click here.

Abbey Industrial Solutions are here to help you to meet all your tooling needs, whether you require an upgrade to your assets or service work to your existing suite of tools. Contact the team today to learn more about our services, Mountz products or even for a personalised consultation to meet your business tooling and engineering needs. | 01924 224240

Product Profile – Ingersoll Rand: Turbine Grinders

Ingersoll Rand are a prominent presence in the tooling industry, providing a wide variety of innovation led solutions in a multitude of disciplines. Ingersoll Rand tools have been carefully developed to help increase and ease industrial productivity and efficiency.

A fantastic example of recent innovation includes their new range of Turbine Grinders. Developed for use across shipyards, foundries, forges and more, Ingersoll Rand’s new family of Turbine Grinders seek to improve and ease user needs. The new Grinder’s power and extreme durability allow users to complete an increased workload in a fraction of the time previously taken. Further to this, the oil change and disc replacement being a snap, allows users to depend on the VT26 and VT45 Turbine Grinders to be ready when they are.

Product Benefits – VT26

  • Minimised work fatigue – Anti-vibration side handle and low sound emission take fewer tolls on the users’ body
  • Great ergonomics, comfortable handling – Specially shaped handle has been paired with the flexibility of the 180° pivotable, VT26 main grip

Product Benefits – VT45

  • Built in autobalancer – This feature ensures that discs are abraded evenly, and their longevity is extended to the fullest
  • Ease of use – Integrated spindle-lock makes the change of abrasive discs a job of seconds

Ingersoll Rand Grinders are a lightweight, low maintenance cost option which provide higher productivity whilst also offering lower air consumption.

Abbey Industrial Solutions operate nationwide, and are able to provide complete end to end tooling management solutions from the completion of site assessments, to the implementation of tooling suites best suited to individual sites. The team are on hand not only to provide product knowledge but also service and maintain customer tooling assets for their lifespan.

The experienced team of engineers at Abbey are well equipped to repair tools to original manufacturer standards, whilst offering 3 month warranty on all standard tooling repairs. As an independent tooling solutions provider, we work closely with a range of leading tooling suppliers such as Ingersoll Rand, to offer optimised solutions, suited to individual needs.

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, we strive to be your one-stop tooling specialist provider, and throughout this year we have continued to provide our usual high standards of sales and service provisions, following stringent social distancing contact rules. To find out more about our contact free service provision for your tooling assets, please click here.

To learn more about Abbey, and our sales and service offer, contact the team today. | 01924 224240

Abbey Product Innovation Series – Innovation in Productivity

This event has now been held. Please follow this link to view the webinar.

If we can’t come to you, is it time for you to visit Abbey?

This summer, the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions are launching a brand new, free to view webinar series. Working in conjunction with our exclusive suppliers, this series will be showcasing the latest in technological tooling advancements. Even if we can’t visit you, you can remain up to date on the latest innovations in the market.

Abbey maintain exclusive trading partnerships with an array of world-leading tooling specialists, such as Cleco, Sturtevant Richmont, Mountz, Ingersoll Rand and more. In this series we will be partnering with our suppliers to bring you in-depth product knowledge, training guides and an opportunity to interact with panels of product specialists, all from the comfort of your computer.

In this first webinar session we will focus on the new Cleco CellCore range, promised to be the most versatile, easy-to-use cordless tool in the industry. This superior range is easy to use, and extremely durable.

To sign up, please complete the simple registration form below. As a bonus, every attendee will be enrolled into a prize draw to win a brand new iPad at the end of the series. The first webinar will be held at 2.00pm BST on Thursday 4th June 2020, and will be available to view via registration only.

Please feel free to send any questions you may have about the Cleco CellCore range before the webinar to and we will answer them all with our panel of experts during the event.

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, we strive to be your one-stop tooling specialist provider, and throughout this year we have continued to provide our usual high standards of sales and service provisions, following stringent social distancing contact rules. To find out more about our contact free service provision for your tooling assets, please click here.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!


Are Your Tools Ready to Return to Work?

With further guidance from Boris Johnson regarding the return to work in the manufacturing sector, we may be, but are your tools ready to go back to work?

Prepare today with the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions, as we offer multiple solutions to your tooling headaches.

To find out more about our contact free collection and delivery service, please see this information leaflet here, and to download a returns sheet, please click here. In the coming days, we will be providing more information on our new series of Webinars, keep a lookout for more information and how to sign up for this free service from Abbey Industrial Solutions.

To learn more, please feel free to contact the service team today on – 01924 224240 or alternatively you can email:

Abbey Finance

Optimise your assets and investments with Abbey Finance

New from the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions is a flexible financing solution, developed to encourage and support tooling upgrades.

In the modern trading environment, digital transformation of production processes assists a more carbon friendly, cost efficient and streamlined approach to manufacturing. And in an ever evolving engineering landscape, Abbey Finance brings to market, a transparent proposal to aid the refurbishment of tooling suites in line with these technological advances.

At Abbey, we recognise that product innovation is rapidly transforming manufacturing processes, requiring our customers to be more agile in their production capabilities than ever before. In particular; we have found that advancements in DC tooling, which can significantly improve error proofing, quality control and flexibility on modern assembly lines, are a major contributing factor behind customers seeking upgrades to their existing suite of industrial tools.

Boosting productivity whilst mitigating probabilities of error constructs a positive upswing in production capabilities, when we match this to market demands and increasing trends towards connectivity in the manufacturing space, DC electric tools deliver in many tangible ways.

DC electric tools work to capture and improve actionable knowledge data whilst actively reducing prospects for human error, and at Abbey are finding that an increasing number of our customers are seeking upgrades to DC systems to help expand efficiencies, quality and output.

Why Abbey Finance?

Abbey Finance allows customers to preserve lines of credit and maximise budget expenditure in a payment plan seamlessly designed to suit individual buying needs. With Abbey Finance, customers can now invest capital across multiple assets within the business as necessitated.

Working with an array of leading DC tooling manufacturers, Abbey provide complete and comprehensive end to end packages which both identify and implement the best tooling solutions to individual site requirements. We can arrange for, and execute, full on site assessments and deliver advice on the best selection of tools suited to your needs. After overseeing the implementation of tooling assets, we also complete comprehensive service and maintenance repairs which are fully in line with original manufacturer standards.

With Abbey Finance, benefit from the flexibility of financing to update your selection of tooling assets in line with Industry 4.0. Complement manufacturing evolution with Abbey Finance and optimise your assets and investments today.

Contact the team today to learn more   |    01924 224240

Contact Free, Collection and Delivery Service from Abbey

COVID-19 may be bringing with it some extraordinary challenges for this country, but here at Abbey, we are meeting every single one with tenacity and resilience. We have listened to our customers, and we are extending our contact free tool collection and delivery services.

Working with DPD, Abbey are offering a Box Drop service to all of our customers. Even if we can’t visit you, your tool can still come and see us for any maintenance and service work. This contact free service allows DPD drivers to collect and deliver tools on behalf of Abbey whilst we execute essential maintenance on client tooling assets. It is our aim, that that through this service, we can help businesses to maintain optimal functionality in these unprecedented times. Please click here to download more information on the process, and here to download a booking in sheet.

In these extraordinary circumstances, the service team at Abbey are doing all that we can to ensure that businesses who rely on our services can continue doing so in these times of uncertainty. We are practicing stringent social distancing protocol whilst increasing standards of cleanliness across our service centres. Whilst we continue to be challenged by this virus, the Abbey service team will endeavour to do everything in its power to mitigate and eliminate customer tooling headaches.

Now more than ever we find ourselves relying on collaboration and solidarity in commerce and if there is anything the team can possibly help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Whether the enquiry is for a new or replacement tool, or repair and maintenance needs, the team is here to help you as best we possibly can.

Contact the service team for more details |    01924 224240