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Product Profile | BNP Torque Reaction Arms

Repetitive activities on assembly lines runs the risk of exposing workers to the risk of biochemical overload, particularly of the upper limbs, increasing chances of occupational illnesses such as hand arm vibration syndrome.

The use of ergonomic work tools such as BNP Torque Reaction Arms, allow for both ease of use and precision in tightening operations, both of which are in alliance with the principles of ergonomics and safety. The strength, flexibility and ergonomics provided by BNP’s Torque Reaction Arms make them optimal work tools when considering operator safety and business productivity.

The Right Tool for Your Needs

BNP telescopic torque reaction arms

Made of carbon fibre, are the best solution for maximizing ergonomics in the hand tightening operations. They are used in case of workers need the maximum freedom of movement.


  • Suitable for installation of any type of screwdriver
  • Tight manufacturing tolerances
  • Precise matching components
  • High strength carbon fibre construction


BRV anti-rotation torque reaction arms

Universal tools with an exclusive design for maximum tightening flexibility.


  • Torque range from 15 to 80Nm
  • Smooth and accurate sliding with ball splined shaft
  • Main tube realised by special carbon fibre design
  • Can use a specific range of TH-BRV Tool Holders or THR Swivel Tool Holders.


BNP orthogonal torque reaction arms

These combine the company know-how on carbon fibre with a robust mechanical design and high precision assembly. The product range includes a folded model (BRF) and a linear model (BRL).


  • Available torques: 10-15-40-80Nm.
  • Possible customization of arms with higher torque values than the standard range.
  • The possibility of fixing on sliding guides.


Zero Gravity torque reaction arms

These are “zero gravity” thanks to a pneumatic balancing system, which relieves the operator from holding up the tool weight, improving operator ergonomics. Both floor mount and ceiling mount versions are available.


  • Main arms made of carbon fibre.
  • Pneumatic balancing system reduces operator fatigue and increases production efficiency.
  • Facilitate use of female and/or senior operators
  • Also available is the encoder kit, basic and personal tool droppers.


BNP torque reaction arm accessories

These are used for precision tool positioning, ensuring maximum efficiency during tightening. With BNP torque reaction arms, they improve the ergonomics of the workstation thanks to the adaptability of the operator’s position.


  • Made of carbon fibre with maximum efficiency of the tightening and total quality of the product.


Contact the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions today for more details on this or any other tooling systems you may be interested in to see how we can help you maximise your manufacturing productivity. | 01924 224240

Abbey | Your UK Based DC Repair Provider

Did you know that we now service and repair DC Tools at our UK service centres?

Upholding exclusive trading and service contracts with leading assembly tooling manufacturers – at Abbey, our OEM trained team of engineers are on hand to advise and service a multitude of tooling assets from our UK based service centres.

Intelligent Tooling Solutions

Our specialist Assembly Team are trained and equipped with the latest knowledge in engineering innovations from a variety of leading manufacturers such as Cleco, Atlas Copco, Desoutter, Stanley and more.

Providing detailed consultations, our expert team conduct thorough on-site assessments to consider individual site needs, before recommending tooling solutions based on multiple factors such as compatibility to existing tooling, tool usage and maintenance schedules.

Abbey’s team of specialist tooling engineers are fully manufacturer trained to service your tools in line with original equipment standards.



Optimise Your Efficiency with Abbey

At Abbey, we provide comprehensive solutions towards the complete management of your tooling. Our robust tooling management programme can be integrated with existing client systems to analyse and track the life-cycle and operative status of tooling assets, delivering seamless tooling support.

Service solutions with Abbey can range from Planned Preventative Maintenance Programmes through to the on-site provision of an Abbey Assembly Engineer. Our services ensure that the lifespan and capabilities of tools are prolonged with effective product care plans, whilst reducing total cost of ownership.

As an independent tooling solutions provider, Abbey work with a leading range of DC tooling specialists to bring you the optimal answers to your tooling needs.

To arrange a consultation or even a collection of your DC tool repair contact the team today  |  01924 224240

Abbey Service – HAVS Team Heroes

At Abbey, we work closely with our customers to provide flexible service solutions to suit individual site needs. Abbey’s Service Team is a dedicated resource, providing on-site tooling advice, tool collection and drop off services alongside on-site HAVS testing.

With over 2 million workers at risk of developing HAVS in the UK and 300,000 people currently suffering from advanced stages, responsible manufacturers must ensure that actions are taken to minimise and where possible, eradicate the likelihood of this illness occurring.

What is HAVS?

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is caused by an over exposure to vibrations when using equipment such as handheld power tools. Symptoms can include bouts of vibration white finger this is where fingers can lose all feeling and turn white in cold temperatures. It also includes muscle fatigue which can potentially result in disability and in some cases carpel tunnel syndrome.

The dangers with HAVS is that symptoms can take time to become fully apparent, but once evident there is no known treatment to reverse the effects and harm caused to the daily quality of life, the long term impact for sufferers is often quite extreme with day-to-day activities such as holding a glass or pulling a zip being affected.

The aim of vibration regulations is to ensure that workers are being protected from excessive vibration when they are using handheld power tools at their place of work. The level at which employers must take action, will be dependent on the measured vibration exposure for each task or activity over a working day.

The Abbey Solution

At Abbey, we work with a multitude of manufacturers to provide expert advice and services around vibration management in line with HSE standards. An effective programme should ensure the health and safety of employees by thorough assessment and implementation of measures to minimise and where possible eliminate vibration risk.

We also provide information and training for employees on vibration risks and appropriate control measures.

Abbey’s Service Team Engineers are trained to conduct on-site assessments using comprehensive testing equipment. We’ve also developed data collection methods which are meticulous and encompass details such as estimated trigger times, photos of the tool or test and a ready reckoner which can be used in conjunction with estimated trigger times to provide an overall risk factor for the tools in question.

Contact the team today for further details on the help we can provide HAVS testing which is aligned with HSE regulations.  |  01924 224240

Abbey | Here to Maximise Your Manufacturing Productivity

We know that things are a little uncertain right now and at Abbey, we’re doing everything we can to help our customers maximise their manufacturing productivity.

Virtual Consultations

We understand that site visits may be a little difficult right now and that is why we are offering virtual consultations. Talk at length to our team of technical, service and sales specialists on the best tooling solutions for your manufacturing needs.


Webinar Videos

Catch up on the latest tooling innovations from the team at Cleco and Sturtevant Richmont with our 10 minute product demonstrations and webinar events.

Our experts talk you through everything you need to know about these smarter, more durable and price competitive solutions. Click here to visit our YouTube Channel.


Contact Free Tool Collection and Delivery

Working with DPD, Abbey are offering a Box Drop service to all of our customers. This contact free service allows DPD drivers to collect and deliver tools on behalf of Abbey whilst we execute essential maintenance on client tooling assets.

Click here to find out more!


Contact the team today for further information on how we can help you maximise your manufacturing productivity. | 01924 224240

Advanced Drilling – The importance of precision in manufacturing

Practising perfect precision in manufacturing helps to guarantee that a product is built to exact specifications time and time again. This in turn minimises risks of fault in production and in the larger scheme of things, impacts the bottom line as we actively reduce waste.

However, when working in joint critical industries such as aviation, precision in manufacturing becomes imperative. After-all, nobody wishes to be that engineer who caused the aeroplane wing to fall off mid-flight. When it comes to precision in manufacturing it’s importance to do it once and do it right.

Accuracy vs Precision.

An article from production machining fantastically details the key differences between accuracy and precision in manufacturing. If “accuracy describes close-to-true value, then precision describes repeatability,” a critical factor in manufacturing, as effective repeatability ultimately provides reproducibility.

At Abbey Industrial Solutions we work closely with multiple manufacturers who rely on the repeatable quality of precision in manufacturing. Our expert teams are trained to install complex intelligent tooling systems through to advanced drilling systems.

What is Advanced Drilling?

Designed to offer enhanced performance, quality and reliability advanced drilling tooling solutions can be found in the assembly halls of multiple large and small manufacturers, particularly in the aircraft and automotive industries.

Advanced drilling is more than just one tool, it’s an entire suite of solutions working together to provide seamless repeatability. At Abbey we work with specialists in high precision tools to offer tailored jigs which allow for complete accuracy in drilling using the latest technology. Coupled with high-tech drilling systems, and you are well on your way towards making one of the safest planes to have ever left your manufacturing plant.

The Abbey Solution

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, we work with multiple tooling specialists to provide considered and bespoke solutions to suit, what we recognise to be multiple factors influencing individual site needs. As an independent retailer, we will always offer the best tool for the job based on factors such as usage and investment and maintenance budgets.

Meanwhile, our manufacturer trained engineers can complete meticulous maintenance on tooling assets, from pneumatic to DC tooling services, our team can help to ensure that your tools are fully optimised for your production needs.

Speak to a member of our team about advanced drilling, pneumatic, intelligent tooling systems and more. Reach out for a competitive comparison on tooling systems designed to best suit your needs. | 01924 224240

PRODUCT PROFILE | Torque Reaction Arm

Experts at what they do, BNP utilise their experience and knowledge to construct solutions which improve production processes whilst increasing the level of ergonomics required for the assembly and tightening phases in manufacturing. BNP are dedicated to the research of new technologies and materials, bringing to market, competitively priced, high-tech products.

New from the team which strives to improve assembly line worker conditions with the intelligence made available by Industry 4.0, BNP bring to market the A.B.R.A, a new torque reaction arm.

What does it do?

The A.B.R.A. is a pneumatic balanced reaction arm which has been designed to absorb the reaction torque generated by tools such as screwdrivers, drills, tapping machines etc, when it is neither possible nor practical to utilise alternative solutions such as telescopic or reaction arms.

Innately understanding the needs and requirements of modern assembly halls, the A.B.R.A. has been developed to cover large work areas thanks to its working radius. The presence of carbon elements helps to reduce the A.B.R.A’s weight, this in turn aids the usability of the tool, particularly when compared to similar products in the market.

Advantages of using the A.B.R.A. torque reaction arm.

  • Productivity – The A.B.R.A. arm makes it markedly easier for operators to use heavy weight tools. This in turn generates higher productivity thanks to the efficiencies displayed in the assembly process.
  • Flexibility – It can cover large work areas thanks to its working radius, it can also be installed on columns, walls or rail systems.
  • Ease of use – It’s strong yet lightweight structure enables heightened ease of use.
  • Ergonomics – It guarantees workers protection from the continuous torque reaction exposure and heavy load lifting activities. The A.B.R.A. has been designed with total safety and operator ergonomics in mind.

Your Comprehensive Solutions Provider

At Abbey Industrial Solutions we work with leading tooling specialists to bring our clients considered tooling investments based on individual site criteria, be that compatibility to existing tooling, tool usage or even maintenance schedules.

Working alongside the specialists at BNP, the Abbey team can help to elevate manufacturing processes, furthering the potential of existing assets to their ultimate operative capacity. Working with prominent manufacturers such as Vauxhall Motors Ltd, BAE Systems and GKN to name but a few, with Abbey you can be sure to receive expert advice to resolve all your tooling headaches. Abbey also provide comprehensive solutions towards the complete management of your tooling. Our robust tooling management programme can be integrated with existing systems to analyse and track the life-cycle and operative status of tooling assets, delivering seamless tooling support.

Contact the team today for expert provision of tooling solutions.  |  01924 224240

Small Torque. Big Impact – The Exacta 1350 TD Series

No stranger to tools which deliver value, innovation and reliability; new from Sturtevant Richmont is the Exacta 1350 TD series. This wireless, digital torque and angle screwdriver is highly versatile and carries the potential to deliver a significant impact on production processes. Providing enhanced levels of torque control and accuracy to low torque applications, the Exacta 1350 TD Series can be trusted to deliver accuracy and reliability in use.


Compatible with the Global 400 and Global 400mp torque controllers, which also allow the determination of the torque and angle settings, the Exacta 1350 TD provides sophisticated error proofing features. For example, parameters cannot be adjusted from the torque screwdriver itself, eliminating the possibility of operator adjustment from the asset itself.

Key features

  • XBee radio 2.4GHz – 12 Channels
  • Modes of operation: Peak, TAM, T2A, Residual and Prevailing Torque
  • Bi-directional +/- 2% Indicated Value from 5% to 100% of tool capacity
  • The display back light is visible when torque is applied. Displays the torque and angle value on the digital display on the screwdriver.
  • Visible from any angle, light band on the driver turns yellow, then green and finally, the driver beeps and the angle will vibrate when the target torque is achieved.

Why Abbey Industrial Solutions

Working alongside the intelligent tooling specialists at Sturtevant Richmont, Abbey are proud to bring to the UK market, tooling assets which are competitively priced, reliable and durable.

At Abbey, our manufacturer trained specialists conduct detailed consultations and take the time to understand individual site production processes and requirements, before offering considered solutions to ease and eliminate tooling headaches.

Reach out to the team today for your personalised consultation, either in person or virtually. We can even conduct virtual product demonstrations, but if before all of that you’d like to know more about this company and its products why not view our 30 minute webinar? Our panel of experts will talk you through the TAC digital click wrench which seamlessly combines the speed, agility and ease of use elements from Sturtevant Richmont’s click wrenches with the accuracy, reporting capabilities and torque and angle functionality of their 1350 digital torque and angle wrenches.

To learn more about this fantastic product, click to view the webinar below.

Pushed for time? Click here and view the 10 minute product demonstration instead! | 01924 224240

Product Profile – Makita

With over 100 years’ experience in the power tool market, Makita products are recognised globally for both their performance and quality, beyond this however, Makita’s vision is for societies and global communities to come together and develop for themselves and future generations. By providing the tools, Makita seeks to ensure that nothing seems impossible. And with the new XGT range of cordless, high performance 40V Max tools tooling efficiency has never looked more promising.

The XGT range of cordless, high performance 40V Max tools are accompanied with two models of rotary hammer, a new combination drill and an impact driver which is ideal for heavy duty applications where cordless tools may have previously proved inadequate. All four new products benefit from Makita’s advanced brushless motor technology.

Meet the new range

The HR003G and HR004G 40V Max Brushless Rotary Hammers offer users exceptional performance with speeds up to 980 revolutions per minute (rpm) and up to 5000 blows per minute (bpm) of hammer action. They also feature a variable speed trigger and three function options – rotary hammer, rotary only and hammer only, making these tools versatile and easy to adjust to each task.

The HR004G also comes equipped with a Quick Change Chuck to make switching between drill bits a fast and simplified process. Both machines are equipped with Makita’s Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) for enhanced operator comfort and safety.

The highly versatile HP001G Combi Drill has been designed to be compact and easy to handle. It has a variable speed trigger and two mechanical gears with a broad range of clutch settings – 41 in gear one and 21 in gear two, simplifying the process to finely adjust the output for the task at hand.

Adding to this – the HP001G has a capacity of 20mm in steel and masonry and 76mm in wood. In high gear it has a speed of 2,600 rpm and delivers up to 39,000 blows per minute when in impact drilling mode. To ensure the safety of the operator, the machine features Makita’s Active Feedback Sensing Technology (AFT) that turns off the motor if the rotation speed suddenly slows. This protects the user from injury if the drill bit jams in the material.

Quick facts

  • When hammer drilling into concrete the HR003G and HR004G have vibration levels of just 7.0m/s2and 6.5m/s2 respectively for increased safe trigger times.
  • To protect users from dust inhalation during operation, the rotary hammers are compatible with the DX12(HR003G) and DX14 (HR004G) dust boxes.
  • Also added to the Makita range, is the powerful TD001G Brushless Impact Driver. It delivers up to 220 newton-metres (Nm) of torque with the choice of four power modes (Max, Hi, Mid and Lo), selected using a simple one touch control, in addition to six assist modes. In the highest power mode, it has a maximum speed of 3,700 rpm and delivers up to 4,400 impacts per minute.

What are your tooling needs?
As a proud distributor of Makita products in the UK, Abbey Industrial Solutions bring to market, expert knowledge on the latest solutions which can help to optimise manufacturing processes for our clients. As an independent tooling solutions provider, Abbey Industrial Solutions are on hand to provide advice on the latest in tooling innovations across the industry. Whether you seek replacements for single units or require an entire suite of tooling assets, our expert team are on hand to guide you through your every need and tooling headache.

Would financing help?

Abbey Finance is a transparent financing option which allows our customers to preserve lines of credit whilst maximising budget expenditure in a payment plan seamlessly designed to suit individual buying needs. With Abbey Finance, customers can invest capital across multiple assets within the business as necessitated.

To find out more about the service we offer, please click here for more information.

Are your tools fully serviced and optimised?

Alongside the sale of tooling suites, Abbey Industrial Solutions boasts a manufacturer trained team of engineers. Our service team members are fully trained to complete meticulous maintenance on all your tooling assets. From pneumatic to DC tool repair services, our team can help to ensure that your tools are fully optimised for your production needs.

To organise the contact free collection of your tooling assets, please click here to download a returns sheet, or alternatively, please feel free to contact the team directly today, to learn more.   |  01924 224240

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Industry Insight | Could considered investments today, help you save money in the future?

We’ve long been cognizant of an increasing need to think and act in a more environmentally sustainable manner. At the forefront of conversations are reducing waste, eating cleaner and even re-purposing buildings and their use. A recent article in the Financial Times for example, explored the possibility of revitalising city centre properties and even old shopping centres into retirement homes, in a bid to better integrate our aging population at the heart of activity and commerce.

As part of sweeping reforms to the existing planning system, the government has laid out ambitious plans to relax rules around the conversion of commercial buildings into residential use. Changes in consumer shopping habits combined with the aftermath of the Coronavirus crisis, has resulted in a consistent decline in footfall in both our city centres and retail outlets. In response, Mark Robinson, chair of the High Streets Task Force stated that “we’re bringing forward proposals to change the use of a shopping centre on the south coast, which includes adding 56 later-living flats. For years, we’ve been packaging up old people and putting them on the edge of cities. Why shouldn’t they be in town centres?”

Why shouldn’t they indeed? Plans to re-purpose old buildings is not only an environmentally conscious act, but also preserves decades of architecture for future generations. These ideas are immediate in their effect, creating job opportunities and answering cries to the housing crisis with ingenuity and ambition.

But should acts like this look to become the norm over the exceptional? And if they do, what is the true impact on our consumption habits?

Is recycling the true answer?

An article by One Green Planet argues that “recycling has been over-praised over the years. While it is great that we have found ways to break down our waste and create and something new (or the same thing) with recycled materials, it still requires a lot of energy. What’s more, if we simply recycle everything, we are likely using new resources each time we buy that item again. In other words, it’s better than sending things to the landfill, but recycling should hardly be our first thought on helping the environment.”

What is often overlooked with recycling is the energy intensive nature of it. Waste has to be heated, melted and reconstituted into something new. “There is a lot of embodied energy lost every time we recycle rather than re-use items.”

The answer to our question is in essence rather simple if we consider the reason behind our excessive purchases. Over the years it has become alarmingly commonplace to buy cheap and replace often, leading to both reckless investment and excessive waste.

Quality over quantity

If we operated with an understanding that every tooling purchase we make has to last, we are instinctively inclined to invest in quality items that we know will withstand the toughest of manufacturing environments. By becoming more consciously responsible of the waste we create, we are far more likely to prompt encouraging behaviour that seeks to actively reduce consumption.

Investment in quality tooling is only part of the answer however, as equal investment in comprehensive service solutions can help to further heighten and lengthen the lifespan of a tooling asset to operate at both maximised and optimised levels.

The Abbey Solution

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, we work closely with a multitude of manufacturing businesses to intimately understand tooling requirements before offering considered solutions to suit individual requirements and budgets. At Abbey, we understand that multiple factors will influence the purchase of a tooling suite or singular asset and that is why we maintain supplier relationships with several leading tooling manufacturers, allowing us to offer the best solution to your business needs.

At Abbey, we also offer a comprehensive selection of servicing solutions designed to heighten and lengthen the lifespan of your tooling assets, helping you to both maximise and optimise your investments. Whether you choose to execute a basic maintenance and health check service, or proactively implement a complete planned preventative maintenance programme, at Abbey Industrial Solutions our manufacturer trained engineering team are on hand to provide you with impartial advice and exemplary service on all your tooling requirements.

Abbey reserve a vast array of spare parts to enable an efficient lead time on your tool repair. As an authorised warranty and repair centre for leading tooling brands, we can provide warranty and test certificates on tools serviced. Abbey Industrial Solutions are accredited service partners covering a variety of tool types from rough grinding to sophisticated drilling and fastening from many major manufacturers including Cleco, Sturtevant Richmont, Ingersoll Rand, Mountz, Desoutter, Bosch, Darg, ATA, Dynabrade and Fein.

To ensure your tools meet all necessary safety regulations and legislation, Abbey can provide periodic assessment and testing of tools across vibration, torque, speed, PAT alongside the provision of overall tool safety. As all work and repairs are meticulously recorded in Abbey’s tooling management systems, we can not only conduct full audits but also issue timely reminders on renewals.

To find out more about our comprehensive sales and service offer that can help you make more considered and environmentally conscious investments, contact the team today.  |  01924 224240

Abbey Promotion | Cleco – In with the new

Intelligent tooling systems in multiple industry applications ensure quality output and seamless processes. The installation of effective DC Tooling can help to not only improve processes but also increase data collection and minimise rework and damaged parts caused by inaccurate torque or fastening techniques.

To ensure manufacturing businesses are optimising their production output and processes, they must operate with quality systems which fully meet and justify production needs, maintenance budgets and investment costs.

Abbey are working with Cleco Tools to offer the chance to trade in your old DC Tool Systems for new Cleco Assembly Tools. The scheme allows customers to receive a buyback up to £3000 per DC System. On top of this, for a limited time only, Abbey are also offering free commissioning on all systems bought through this scheme.

As platinum distribution partners for Cleco Tools in the UK, Abbey will always provide the most competitive commercial terms on all Cleco Tool purchases. With this thorough buyback scheme, you could be eligible for up to £3000 in return for your outdated DC Tooling. Abbey will take away and dispose of aged equipment and also provide free installations on any DC Tooling bought through this scheme.

How it works

Get in touch – contact the team today and we’ll arrange a visit your site. After completing a thorough consultation, we will best match the comprehensive tooling solutions available from Cleco Tools, to your individual site requirements.

Place the order – if you are happy with the proposal, we will arrange for your tools to be taken away and replaced with the reliable, durable and quality focussed tooling solutions from Cleco Tools.

You receive –  up to £3000 and free commissioning for any DC tools traded and bought in the buyback scheme.

For more details on the full promotion, contact our sales office or your local Abbey representative today. Offer valid until 30/11/2020  01924 224240