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Product Profile | BNP Positioning Systems

Established in 1995, BNP develop and manufacture advanced ergonomic solutions and components suitable for the assembly and tightening phases in manufacturing halls. In recent years, the firm has placed a greater investment in research and development, as it seeks to produce products which help to improve production processes and increase ergonomics considering marketplace needs.

POSIX Systems

Posix positioning systems from BNP provide error proof sequential tightening as it recognises the position of a tool during the assembly process and enables the tightening operation, only when it is assured that the screwdriver (as example) is positioned correctly. This complete level of control over the tightening system guarantees the highest level of accuracy and quality over the production process.


Posix system is used to ensure maximum quality, improve efficiency and speed up production process.

  • HMI with 7” touch screen.
  • Support up to 4 incremental encoders.
  • Communication with power tool control units by digital I/O.
  • Intuitive and easy programming.
  • Operator visual aid through pictures/CAD of the real part.
  • Stand-alone device or can be interfaced with SMM software through PC.
  • Support data recording and management.
  • Can be used with the range of BRT-P2, BRT-P3, BRF, BRL, BRV-SA, ZeroG arms.
  • Interfaceable with many brands of control unit.



Posix Pro adds to the capabilities of the Posix system, whilst it’s advanced nature allows it to comfortably adapt to different needs as it manages several components.  Alongside all the capabilities of the Posix, the Pro also offers:

  • Visualization of work phases, with multilingual instructions, workplace and assembly components graphic reproduction.
  • Possibility to consult detailed instructions for each phase (pdf, videos, images).
  • Barcode print and detection.
  • Operator recognition.
  • Assembly model recognition.
  • Locking/unlocking component to assembly.
  • Management of tightening.
  • Management of torque reaction arms with encoders.
  • Communication with power tool control units.
  • Management of socket tray.
  • Pick to light picking system.
  • Interfaceable with ERP.

Available to purchase from Abbey Industrial Solutions, contact the team today to conduct a personalised consultation for your site’s tooling needs as the team recommend considered solutions to help you maximise your manufacturing productivity. | 01924 224240

Process Optimisation with Abbey Industrial Solutions

At Abbey, we bring you fully considered, customised solutions that are designed around your tooling needs and maintenance schedules. Experienced team members across multiple departments work together to provide a dedicated provision of process optimisation.

Efficient and well-organised processes bring more value to organisations than is often perceived and understood. Fully optimised processes allow fast paced manufacturing organisations to act in a proactive, rather than reactive manner.

The benefits of process optimisation with Abbey.

As highlighted by Dysel, optimising processes brings several great benefits, including:


Effective process optimisation highlights how to work more efficiently as you eliminate, streamline and where possible, automate steps in the process to save time and reduce both errors and duplicate work.

For example, with the support of the right tools for the job, operators can increase tooling uptime. Abbey’s Sales team are trained in the latest product innovations to equip you with valuable and accurate knowledge which considers your budgets and purchasing scale to recommend tooling solutions best suited to your manufacturing lines.

Helping customers better

Our Sales team and specialist Assembly team conduct detailed line walks across multiple sites often within the same business as we know that one solution rarely fits all. Line walks are a process which involve the careful examination of existing production systems and processes. These line walks often reveal opportunities to increase operator efficiencies which can in turn improve processes, production output, quality and even bottom line costs. We conduct these line walks with you to understand what your priorities are and suggest solutions in line with those needs.

These line walks can help to:

  • Reduce tooling downtime.
  • Highlight ways to improve tooling lifecycles.
  • Improve operator ergonomics.
  • Reduce process costs.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

At Abbey, we work with a multitude of manufacturers to provide expert advice and services around vibration management in line with HSE standards. An effective programme should ensure the health and safety of employees and to enable this, our team complete thorough site and tool assessments before suggesting a suitable package of measures to minimise and where possible, eliminate vibration risk.

We also provide information and training for employees on vibration risks and our teams can advise and install appropriate control measures on site.

Abbey’s Service Team Engineers are trained to trained to complete on-site assessments using comprehensive testing equipment. All data recorded includes a measurement procedure which is in line with ISO standards. The report provides both action and limit levels which showcase daily usage limit figures on all tested tools.

To learn more about our Line Walks or HAVS Service solutions contact the team today. We can complete socially distanced HAVS testing and can schedule Line Walk activities once we are safely able to do so.

Optimise your processes and manufacturing productivity with Abbey today. | 01924 224240

Industry Insight | Autonomous Cars

Is the Future Here?

Technology has long been considered and has indeed become, a valued companion in our homes. From conversations on landlines to watching history unfold on TV sets. Today, as predicted, we ask the assistants in our home more questions than we physically type in our phones. Besides offering unprecedented levels of connectivity, which in a pandemic was perhaps a lifeline for many in 2020 and indeed in 2021, technology has integrated into the everyday fabric of our lives, satisfying never-ending curiosities, keeping generations entertained with stories, films and even puzzles, yet in the case of autonomous driving; technology works hard to keep us safer.

It may not be the flying cars we once anticipated, but autonomous driving is tantalisingly close to becoming a part of our everyday landscape. Courtesy an article in Zenoot, we know that in the UK alone, there is currently a ‘revolutionary new ecosystem nearing completion in the Midlands. Created by HORIBA MIRA, the new globally-unique autonomous vehicle development centre, known as ASSURED CAV’  has been specifically developed to enable multiple stakeholders in the industry to come together to experiment with self-driving car technology.

More than just a location for vehicle testing, ASSURED CAV will be providing a central location for organisations to lead both development and verification of self-driving technologies. These lessons can then be applied to influence future legislation, policy and insurance with overall assurance to see that autonomous vehicles work to improve lives.

ASSURED CAV’S combination of facilities, which amount to a £100m investment, are due to open in March this year. The site will host as example:

  • A high-speed facility to enable autonomous vehicles to be tested with real world driving conditions such as traffic merging and lane keep assist at international regulatory protocols.
  • Urban vehicle stimulations with pedestrians, cyclists, complex junctions and on-street parking.
  • A purpose-built multi-storey car park which will support the development of automated valet parking. For example – car passengers will be able to exit their vehicle, as the car finds its own parking space and returning to the passenger at a designated waiting area on demand.

It’s A Long Road to Success

A recent article from The Guardian told the story of how transport disrupter Uber has ‘officially ditched efforts to develop its own self-driving car with the four billion dollar sale of its driverless car division to silicon valley start-up, Aurora.’

Uber was actually much further ahead than rivals such as Google and Tesla in the race to develop ‘Robotaxis’ however, in 2018, the sad demise of a woman crossing a road in Arizona at the hands of one of Uber’s cars, caused irreversible brand damage and saw the loss of both confidence and trust in the company’s emerging technology.

It’s not a complete loss for Uber however, as part of the deal with Amazon backed Aurora, they have retained a 26% share in the firm. Uber’s Chief Executive plans to join Aurora’s board to help bring driverless cars to its network in the coming years. “Few technologies hold as much promise to improve people’s lives with safe, accessible and environmentally friendly transportation as self-driving vehicles.”

The Importance of Planning and Infrastructure

Pioneers are the lifeblood of technological advances and Honda’s new Legend is poised to find a home on busy motorways in 2021. An article from Verge explained how Honda has made the bold claim to mass produce autonomous vehicles capable of performing 100% of driving tasks under certain conditions, with vigilant drivers remaining on to stand-by to take control as required.

In the current home of autonomous driving, Honda is somewhat of an anomaly in developing a Level 3 vehicle in the Legend, many are aiming to directly mass produce and release Level 4 cars. To explain further, Level 3 is classified as a highly automated vehicle which still requires driver intervention on request. Level 4 signifies the vehicle being able to resolve most situations itself whilst (for now) the largely theoretical Level 5 will be completely autonomous.

Honda has received approval from Japan’s ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to mass produce Level 3 vehicles and plans to do so by as early as March this year. Under the deal with the Japanese government, the vehicles will include a data recorder to track its movements, whilst clear visible signage will denote to other road users the autonomous capabilities of the Legend.

It has also been stipulated that the vehicle must include a driver monitoring system which tracks the attention and behaviour patterns of the driver. This could mean cameras or infrared sensors to determine whether or not the drivers eyes are on the road. There are also strict requirements regarding the ‘handover’ between the cars self-driving software and the driver.

The successful mass emplacement of autonomous cars relies on government trust and investment in infrastructure in equal measure. The harmonious synchronisation of the two is what will ultimately aid an effective transition to self-driving cars, particularly those in the Level 4 categorisation.

One of the largest milestones to the implementation of Level 4 cars in the UK took place in Oxford in the closing months of 2020. A government backed effort saw a fleet of six Ford Modeo’s outfitted with autonomous technology from developer Oxbotica, operating in a nine mile circuit from Oxford Parkway Station to the City’s main train station in both day and night conditions.

The purpose of this experiment in the words of Paul Newman, co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at Oxbotica is to “train our AI to produce a syllabus for other AI’s to learn from. This experiment offers remarkable scaling opportunities.” You can read more about the experiment from Autoweek.

What This Means for Manufacturing

To match the intelligent capabilities of modern motors, it is somewhat given that smarter, more connected technology will be relied upon to manufacture the smart cars of the future.

McKinsey state that “Acceleration is the watchword. Industry 4.0 – which includes connectivity, advanced analytics, automation and advanced manufacturing technologies, helps companies transform their operations in everything from production efficiency to product customisation.”

Working with an extensive range of leading car manufacturers and Tier 1 MVI suppliers such as Vauxhall, Nissan and Marelli, the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions possess the skill, expertise and supplier product ranges from multiple prominent tooling manufacturers, to support customers in implementing solutions designed to facilitate the future of motoring.

Our relationships with assembly tooling specialists such as Cleco and Sturtevant Richmont, expedite the provision of Industry 4.0 ready bespoke solutions, to improve quality and efficiency in manufacturing.

For effective solutions to maximise your manufacturing productivity, contact the team today.

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Product Profile | Cleco Cordless Assembly Range

Cleco Cordless Assembly Tools

Cleco Cordless Assembly Tools are purpose built to offer users maximum mobility. Cleco’s smart assembly tools are not only durable but also designed to withstand use in the toughest environments. The lightweight and ergonomic design helps to reduce operator fatigue whilst delivering state-of-the-art power, weight and balance, meanwhile the large user interface makes it quick and easy to programme rundowns on the tool without referring to a controller. CellCore has been designed to put the user in control with cordless assembly tools that are easy to handle and hard to break.

Meet the range of controllers.

Helping you to optimise connectivity and maximise versatility, Cleco controllers are designed to seamlessly connect you and your assembly line. The versatile controller systems manage a wide variety of assembly tools and applications to deliver advanced process configurations and flexible tightening solutions.

mPro200 Series Global Controllers – designed to easily capture and communicate data in real time within your plant network. Unlike previous tools for this function, the mPro200 prides itself in the compact nature of its design which allows you to minimise your footprint in the manufacturing environment without compromising on your performance.

mPro300 Series Global Controllers – The mPro300 series controller has been expressly designed for Cleco’s NeoTek corded assembly tools. Providing versatile protocol functionality and easy integration into plant systems, the mPro300 provides a fully dedicated one-to-one connected solution for NeoTek tools.

mPro400 Series Global Controllers – Conceived to manage multiple Cleco cordless and corded assembly tools, the mPro400 series controller delivers the ultimate flexibility for assembly lines by allowing full utilisation of both corded and cordless tools. From the simple to incredibly complex tightening requirements, the mPro400 controllers allow for easy integration into any manufacturing environment.

For a more in-depth article around Cleco Controllers, please click here for a detailed insight.

Understanding the CellTek, CellCore and CellClutch range.

Developed to perform in a wide range of applications, Cleco tools have three distinct categories to help you maximise operational output.

CellClutch – CellClutch Cordless Assembly Tools sit at the functional end of the operational scale. Smart and simple to use, they bring programmability to production lines with programme speeds and multi-stage rundown solutions to eliminate defects and enhance productivity.

This range also communicates rundown, batch and job results to Cleco’s mPro controllers, or run offline with non-communicating tools.

CellCore – Smart, durable and designed to withstand the toughest environments, the lightweight and ergonomic design of the CellCore range has been conceived to help actively reduce operator fatigue. Delivering state-of-the-art power, weight and balance, the CellCore’s large user interface makes it quick and easy to programme rundowns on the tool without a controller.

CellTek – CellTek Cordless assembly tools combine superior connectivity, with reliable, real-time synchronisation from manufacturing and engineering systems. CellTek technology puts safety critical assembly at centre stage, combined with best-in-class accuracy, this new range from Cleco is the fastest cordless assembly tools in their class.

Available exclusively via Abbey Industrial Solutions

Abbey Industrial Solutions are the master distributors for Cleco in the UK. Our dedicated Assembly Engineers and Sales Team, work with you to assess your individual production needs before creating a tailored package of integrated solutions, which are fully optimised to maximise your manufacturing productivity.

Cleco’s leading range of solutions allows your assembly lines to operate at top level output, with vast experience in delivering a wide range of applications in the automotive, aerospace, white goods and heavy machinery manufacturing industries, Cleco and Abbey are perfectly matched and equipped to manage your tooling needs.

To learn more about our Assembly and Service Packages contact the team today.  |  01924 224240

Company Insight | TECNA

With over a 30 year trading history, TECNA offers some of the best balancers in the industry with capacity ranging from 0.2kg – 180kg. These high performance balancers are equipped with an ergonomic design to help enhance productivity whilst reducing labour.

TECNA’S spring tension balancers and suspension arms are used in multiple applications from simple suspension of pneumatic and electric assembly tools to counterbalancing large equipment and welding machinery.

TECNA balancers are extremely versatile and can be used for bench or assembly line work. They can be used easily with small tools, screwdrivers and industrial suspended welders. TECNA also offers bespoke balancers, produced according to customers exact specifications.


The Abbey Solution

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, we work with multiple tooling specialists to provide considered and bespoke solutions to suit, what we recognise to be multiple factors influencing individual site needs. As an independent retailer, we will always offer the best tool for the job based on factors such as usage and investment and maintenance budgets.

Meanwhile, our manufacturer trained engineers can complete meticulous maintenance on tooling assets, from pneumatic to DC tooling services, our team can help to ensure that your tools are fully optimised for your production needs.

Speak to a member of our team about your tooling needs today. | 01924 224240


Product Profile | Sturtevant Richmont – Quality Built to Last

Two of the most common applications for torque testing are in fastening and in products with rotating parts, for example, motors, engines or transmissions. By measuring and analysing the torque characteristics in such applications it becomes possible to accurately determine both the quality of the part or process, and the root cause of a wide variety of defects.

An article in Quality Mag states that, assembling a large or complex product can often involve hundreds, thousands or even millions of fasteners, many of which are bolts or screws that are tightened by a torque driver of some sort. When a fastener fails, the integrity of the entire product can be affected, so it is important for the manufacturer to be able to ensure that each fastener has been properly tightened and has not been damaged or weakened during the fastening process.

The value of good quality torque testers is in the provision of accuracy and repeatability. Sturtevant Richmont Torque Testers can help to reduce testing time and increase output for operators, particularly when performing batch tests.

Sturtevant Richmont’s previous torque testers were known and trusted to withstand the test of both time and endurance. In fact – many of the originally released torque testers are still operating efficiently across multiple manufacturing halls.

Fail-safe Engineering

Insufficiently torqued fasteners run the risk of causing variable degrees of damage to both operators and the product on the assembly line. It has therefore become increasingly important to ensure that the correct torque is being applied from tooling assets in manufacturing.

With time and technological development – today’s torque tester choices are better than ever before. From Sturtevant Richmont, the new TorqTronics 2 and System 8 are easier to use and fully attuned with the Torque Tool Manager 4.0 – users can load the testers with multiple test points, units of measure and mode of operation in just one key stroke.

Effective use of torque testers can help to reduce maintenance costs on tooling assets, whilst providing real time checks to ensure ISO Quality Standards and operator safety is being maintained. Sturtevant Richmont torque testing solutions are a robust and comprehensive answer to torque testing needs, providing fail-safe engineering and quality assurance.

The Abbey Solution

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, we work with multiple tooling specialists such as Sturtevant Richmont to provide considered and bespoke solutions to suit, what we recognise to be multiple factors influencing individual site needs. As an independent retailer, we will always offer the best tool for the job based on factors such as frequency of usage and maintenance budgets.

Meanwhile, our manufacturer trained engineers can complete meticulous maintenance on tooling assets. From pneumatic to DC tooling services, our team can help to ensure that your tools are fully optimised for your production needs.

Speak to a member of our team about advanced drilling, pneumatic, intelligent tooling systems and more. Reach out for a competitive comparison on tooling systems designed to best suit your needs. | 01924 224240


Product Profile | BNP Torque Reaction Arms

Repetitive activities on assembly lines runs the risk of exposing workers to the risk of biochemical overload, particularly of the upper limbs, increasing chances of occupational illnesses such as hand arm vibration syndrome.

The use of ergonomic work tools such as BNP Torque Reaction Arms, allow for both ease of use and precision in tightening operations, both of which are in alliance with the principles of ergonomics and safety. The strength, flexibility and ergonomics provided by BNP’s Torque Reaction Arms make them optimal work tools when considering operator safety and business productivity.

The Right Tool for Your Needs

BNP telescopic torque reaction arms

Made of carbon fibre, are the best solution for maximizing ergonomics in the hand tightening operations. They are used in case of workers need the maximum freedom of movement.


  • Suitable for installation of any type of screwdriver
  • Tight manufacturing tolerances
  • Precise matching components
  • High strength carbon fibre construction


BRV anti-rotation torque reaction arms

Universal tools with an exclusive design for maximum tightening flexibility.


  • Torque range from 15 to 80Nm
  • Smooth and accurate sliding with ball splined shaft
  • Main tube realised by special carbon fibre design
  • Can use a specific range of TH-BRV Tool Holders or THR Swivel Tool Holders.


BNP orthogonal torque reaction arms

These combine the company know-how on carbon fibre with a robust mechanical design and high precision assembly. The product range includes a folded model (BRF) and a linear model (BRL).


  • Available torques: 10-15-40-80Nm.
  • Possible customization of arms with higher torque values than the standard range.
  • The possibility of fixing on sliding guides.


Zero Gravity torque reaction arms

These are “zero gravity” thanks to a pneumatic balancing system, which relieves the operator from holding up the tool weight, improving operator ergonomics. Both floor mount and ceiling mount versions are available.


  • Main arms made of carbon fibre.
  • Pneumatic balancing system reduces operator fatigue and increases production efficiency.
  • Facilitate use of female and/or senior operators
  • Also available is the encoder kit, basic and personal tool droppers.


BNP torque reaction arm accessories

These are used for precision tool positioning, ensuring maximum efficiency during tightening. With BNP torque reaction arms, they improve the ergonomics of the workstation thanks to the adaptability of the operator’s position.


  • Made of carbon fibre with maximum efficiency of the tightening and total quality of the product.


Contact the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions today for more details on this or any other tooling systems you may be interested in to see how we can help you maximise your manufacturing productivity. | 01924 224240

Abbey | Your UK Based DC Repair Provider

Did you know that we now service and repair DC Tools at our UK service centres?

Upholding exclusive trading and service contracts with leading assembly tooling manufacturers – at Abbey, our OEM trained team of engineers are on hand to advise and service a multitude of tooling assets from our UK based service centres.

Intelligent Tooling Solutions

Our specialist Assembly Team are trained and equipped with the latest knowledge in engineering innovations from a variety of leading manufacturers such as Cleco, Atlas Copco, Desoutter, Stanley and more.

Providing detailed consultations, our expert team conduct thorough on-site assessments to consider individual site needs, before recommending tooling solutions based on multiple factors such as compatibility to existing tooling, tool usage and maintenance schedules.

Abbey’s team of specialist tooling engineers are fully manufacturer trained to service your tools in line with original equipment standards.



Optimise Your Efficiency with Abbey

At Abbey, we provide comprehensive solutions towards the complete management of your tooling. Our robust tooling management programme can be integrated with existing client systems to analyse and track the life-cycle and operative status of tooling assets, delivering seamless tooling support.

Service solutions with Abbey can range from Planned Preventative Maintenance Programmes through to the on-site provision of an Abbey Assembly Engineer. Our services ensure that the lifespan and capabilities of tools are prolonged with effective product care plans, whilst reducing total cost of ownership.

As an independent tooling solutions provider, Abbey work with a leading range of DC tooling specialists to bring you the optimal answers to your tooling needs.

To arrange a consultation or even a collection of your DC tool repair contact the team today  |  01924 224240

Abbey Service – HAVS Team Heroes

At Abbey, we work closely with our customers to provide flexible service solutions to suit individual site needs. Abbey’s Service Team is a dedicated resource, providing on-site tooling advice, tool collection and drop off services alongside on-site HAVS testing.

With over 2 million workers at risk of developing HAVS in the UK and 300,000 people currently suffering from advanced stages, responsible manufacturers must ensure that actions are taken to minimise and where possible, eradicate the likelihood of this illness occurring.

What is HAVS?

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is caused by an over exposure to vibrations when using equipment such as handheld power tools. Symptoms can include bouts of vibration white finger this is where fingers can lose all feeling and turn white in cold temperatures. It also includes muscle fatigue which can potentially result in disability and in some cases carpel tunnel syndrome.

The dangers with HAVS is that symptoms can take time to become fully apparent, but once evident there is no known treatment to reverse the effects and harm caused to the daily quality of life, the long term impact for sufferers is often quite extreme with day-to-day activities such as holding a glass or pulling a zip being affected.

The aim of vibration regulations is to ensure that workers are being protected from excessive vibration when they are using handheld power tools at their place of work. The level at which employers must take action, will be dependent on the measured vibration exposure for each task or activity over a working day.

The Abbey Solution

At Abbey, we work with a multitude of manufacturers to provide expert advice and services around vibration management in line with HSE standards. An effective programme should ensure the health and safety of employees by thorough assessment and implementation of measures to minimise and where possible eliminate vibration risk.

We also provide information and training for employees on vibration risks and appropriate control measures.

Abbey’s Service Team Engineers are trained to conduct on-site assessments using comprehensive testing equipment. We’ve also developed data collection methods which are meticulous and encompass details such as estimated trigger times, photos of the tool or test and a ready reckoner which can be used in conjunction with estimated trigger times to provide an overall risk factor for the tools in question.

Contact the team today for further details on the help we can provide HAVS testing which is aligned with HSE regulations.  |  01924 224240

Abbey | Here to Maximise Your Manufacturing Productivity

We know that things are a little uncertain right now and at Abbey, we’re doing everything we can to help our customers maximise their manufacturing productivity.

Virtual Consultations

We understand that site visits may be a little difficult right now and that is why we are offering virtual consultations. Talk at length to our team of technical, service and sales specialists on the best tooling solutions for your manufacturing needs.


Webinar Videos

Catch up on the latest tooling innovations from the team at Cleco and Sturtevant Richmont with our 10 minute product demonstrations and webinar events.

Our experts talk you through everything you need to know about these smarter, more durable and price competitive solutions. Click here to visit our YouTube Channel.


Contact Free Tool Collection and Delivery

Working with DPD, Abbey are offering a Box Drop service to all of our customers. This contact free service allows DPD drivers to collect and deliver tools on behalf of Abbey whilst we execute essential maintenance on client tooling assets.

Click here to find out more!


Contact the team today for further information on how we can help you maximise your manufacturing productivity. | 01924 224240