Product Profile | Sturtevant Richmont Exacta 1350 TD Series

No stranger to tools which deliver value, innovation and reliability; new from Sturtevant Richmont is the Exacta 1350 TD series. This wireless, digital torque and angle screwdriver is highly versatile and carries the potential to deliver a significant impact on production processes. Providing enhanced levels of torque control and accuracy to low torque applications, the Exacta 1350 TD Series can be trusted to deliver accuracy and reliability in use.


Compatible with the Global 400 and Global 400mp torque controllers, which also allow the determination of the torque and angle settings, the Exacta 1350 TD provides sophisticated error proofing features. For example, parameters cannot be adjusted from the torque screwdriver itself, eliminating the possibility of operator adjustment from the asset itself.

Key features

  • XBee radio 2.4GHz – 12 Channels
  • Modes of operation: Peak, TAM, T2A, Residual and Prevailing Torque
  • Bi-directional +/- 2% Indicated Value from 5% to 100% of tool capacity
  • The display back light is visible when torque is applied. Displays the torque and angle value on the digital display on the screwdriver.
  • Visible from any angle, light band on the driver turns yellow, then green and finally, the driver beeps and the angle will vibrate when the target torque is achieved.

Why Abbey Industrial Solutions

Working alongside the intelligent tooling specialists at Sturtevant Richmont, Abbey are proud to bring to the UK market, tooling assets which are competitively priced, reliable and durable.

At Abbey, our manufacturer trained specialists conduct detailed consultations and take the time to understand individual site production processes and requirements, before offering considered solutions to ease and eliminate tooling headaches.

Reach out to the team today for your personalised consultation, either in person or virtually. We can even conduct virtual product demonstrations, but if before all of that you’d like to know more about this company and its products why not view our 30 minute webinar? Our panel of experts will talk you through the TAC digital click wrench which seamlessly combines the speed, agility and ease of use elements from Sturtevant Richmont’s click wrenches with the accuracy, reporting capabilities and torque and angle functionality of their 1350 digital torque and angle wrenches.

To learn more about this fantastic product, click here and view our 10 minute product demonstration.

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