Stop human error affecting your productivity. 


Operator guidance will eliminate defects caused by human error and create an error free production line. 

When it comes to implementing operator guidance there are a variety of tools and components available from barcode scanners which automatically load works instructions to dynamic lighting systems to give visual cues to pick the correct part or give feedback when the process is complete.

  Our experts can analyse your production line and work with you to deliver an error free production which maximises your productivity.


We can set up feasibility studies, approval by augmented reality or even free trial tools. 


If you're looking to integrate operator guidance into your production line speak to our experts who can provide help and advice on the right system.

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Reaction Arms

Torque reaction arms are ergonomic solutions that absorb the reaction torque generated by assembly tooling. They protect users and improve safety in the workplace and the onset of musculoskeletal disorders. 


Collaborative robotic arms work alongside people to perform tasks that may be too dangerous, strenuous, or tedious for them to accomplish on their own. Cobots can be paired with a variety of tools for multiple applications. 


Smart workstations allow you to create a bespoke solution for your production environment. Compatible with a vast array of accessories the workstation can provide operator guidance and a no fault forward process.

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