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Company Profile | Sturtevant Richmont and The Re-invention of Productivity

It’s not everyday we get to bring you a story here at Abbey, and this one has it all. Explosions, fierce competition, innovation and craftsmanship to define a revolution in engineering. In this story we bring to you Sturtevant Richmont, a company that has not only re-imagined but also re-invented productivity.

Like any great company; Sturtevant Richmont was founded in recognition and answer to a problem, a problem encountered in 1924 by Mr Walter P. Chrysler whose aluminium block racing engines were blowing up. And it was whilst observing two workers tightening bolts on his engines that Chrysler finally realised the source of his explosive conundrum; one worker was 6’4” tall with bulging biceps, and the other was 5’8” with a slight build. Both workers were tightening the bolts according to what was their own definition of ‘tight’.

Realising that a more fool-proof alternative which would standardise the definitions around a perfectly tight bolt was the need of the hour, Chrysler invented the flat beam torque wrench and licenced Paul Sturtevant to manufacture and sell his invention, and thus the torque tool industry was born.

Fast forward to 1940, and Frank W. Livermont arrives on the scene and similarly to Sturtevant, registers his business (Richmont Torque Tools) as a limited company in the same year. Livermont, a former Lockheed Martin Engineer, went on to become a fierce competitor for Sturtevant, as the two, in a game of one up-man-ship, go on to innovate and create, the vast majority of the tools seen in the torque industry till this date.

In amongst a staggering number of amazing inventions, Frank Livermont designed and patented the Torque Screwdriver, a value of which Cleco were very quick to recognise. Keen to purchase the patent, but faced with an unwilling seller in Livermont, Cleco upped the offer and bought out Richmont Torque Tools instead.

Up until this point, many inventions and innovations had come to light from both firms as they both continued to redefine the boundaries of efficiency and productivity in manufacturing. Examples include improvements in Click Wrenches and tools such as the Tension Gauge which is designed for testing and calibration.

The story moves forward through multiple mergers and acquisitions to fall into the hands of the Reynertson family to bring together Sturtevant Richmont as we know it today.

With a continued ethos in innovation and productivity; Sturtevant Richmont has come to be somewhat synonymous with the enhancement and re-imagining of efficiency in manufacturing. Whether this is creating interchangeable heads for torque wrenches, which were patented in 1956, creating marked efficiencies in production, or becoming the first American company to use the microprocessor in torque tool calibration equipment, Sturtevant Richmont are a company with a fantastically rich history in innovation.

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Sturtevant Richmont are a family run organisation which recognises and therefore carefully nurtures relationships of warmth and sincerity with both consumers and employees. This is perhaps why generations of workers and consumers are loyal to Sturtevant Richmont and their tools, which are prided upon being consistently accurate, reliable and durable.

As a proud distributor for Sturtevant Richmont products in the UK, Abbey has joined this colourful narrative and family orientated firm to bring to the British market, products which are both pioneering and price sensitive. Unlike other manufacturers in the torque wrench market, Sturtevant Richmont are both agile and responsive to market needs, and the specialist service engineering team at Abbey have been fully trained at the Sturtevant Richmont Chicago Headquarters to be able to deliver original manufacture standard maintenance and repairs to your tooling investments.

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Company Profile | Cleco and Cordless Fastening in Smart Manufacturing

With increased emphasis on the importance of efficient and more connected, smarter methods of manufacturing, Cleco continue to bring to market a powerful and innovative range of cordless tooling solutions, specifically created to suit a range of budgets and requirements.

Dynamic and adaptive in a fast moving manufacturing environment; Cleco recognise that ‘as the pace of manufacturing continues to accelerate, so too does the pressure to adopt Industry 4.0 and smart, more connected solutions.’ And so; in response to market needs, Cleco have developed a range of cordless solutions with three key elements in mind; versatility, traceability and connectivity.


No longer limited by a length of cable; cordless tools provide operators with enhanced versatility, improved ergonomics and heightened safety and flexibility over corded tool counterparts.

Offering improved efficiency in usage; Cleco state that their ‘cordless tools can either run without a controller, on a dedicated cordless controller, or alternatively; on a hybrid controller that runs both corded and cordless tools.’ The cordless tools are also able to communicate directly to a manufacturing execution system (MES) using an application programming interface (API).

This flexibility in production creates opportunities for ‘users to repurpose, replace or relocate tools very quickly and easily.’


Traceability is identified through multiple opportunities with Cleco’s cordless tools, a necessity to certainly consider as ‘most of today’s automated production lines use flexible manufacturing systems to assemble multiple products and versions on a single line, making traceability and error prevention critical to a successful containment strategy. Using spatial systems, barcode scanners and socket trays, or even a combination of all three is just one of the few ways manufacturers can address their own unique tracking and containment needs.’

In overview; Spatial Systems help to ‘leverage user defined geofencing parameters. Spatial systems can track the tool location and application, thus preventing users from working ahead or moving the tool out of the work zone.’

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Cordless tools require a significant amount of connectivity in order to be able to operate at maximum efficiency. Cleco suggest that ‘connectivity is one of the most critical considerations to evaluate when choosing the right cordless tool for your production needs.’

In its most basic premise; the cordless tool will collect the rundown strategy from the controller, perform the rundown and on completion, send the results back to the controller, for the controller to then send these results to the plant. These features gain importance, and prominence in manufacturing environments where the measurement of accuracy and tolerance levels is critical to the product’s safety integrity.

All of these components combined come back towards our original recognition of creating a smarter and more connected working environment. This level of connectivity, traceability and versatility ensures that within a myriad of cordless applications available in the market, Cleco provides an answer within a specified budget range without compromising on quality and safety.

The adaptable nature of Cleco’s cordless range of tools allows manufacturers to extract optimum usage opportunities from their investments. Unlike Cleco’s competitors with loftier price tags and less flexibility, Cleco have specifically developed their range to appeal to the widest range of buyers possible through a sustained high quality, and price sensitive product offer.

From offering free software updates for many of their tooling solutions, to creating multiple products with the ability to function from one master controller; rather than creating a necessity for multiple tools and components, Cleco bring to market solutions with lasting ingenuity and ease of use.

As a proud master UK distributor for Cleco’s range of products; the team at Abbey are able to advise on the best solutions to remove your tooling headaches whilst also providing comprehensive service solutions which repair tools to original manufacturer standards.

As Cleco seek to provide Cordless and DC tooling solutions in the UK market through Abbey Industrial Solutions; this competitive and alternative option to the large, but often less agile competitors in the industry is here to help revolutionise, smarten and better connect your tooling needs.

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Blog Article | Managing Safety in the Workplace

Thanks to advancements in knowledge and technology we are in a safer era of manufacturing than perhaps ever before. And yet certain tools, when not operated correctly, can lead to irreparable damage as a direct result of negligence at behest of the company and operator in question.

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is an entirely preventable illness, and yet, once the damage has occurred it becomes a permanent fixture in the lives of those affected. It is a serious and often disabling condition. The Building Safety Group published a series of articles in 2019 highlighting the pains behind HAVS. One such article recognised that between 2008 and 2017 there were over 7000 new claims for HAVS according to the Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (IIDB)

The damage incurred by HAVS can include the incapacity to carry out previous job functions which may have required fine work, besides this; the cold weather can also trigger painful finger blanching attacks. Early symptoms of the illness include tingling and numbness in the fingers, and an impaired ability to be able to feel things with your fingers for simple everyday tasks such as fastening buttons. Whilst strength will notably decrease in the hands of those affected, continued use of vibration tools in light of these symptoms, can lead to the numbness becoming a permanent fixture as the ability to feel things is eventually completely lost.

The same article by The Building Safety Group goes on to speak at length regarding the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations, which came into being in July 2015. This law has been designed to where possible eliminate or at least control vibration exposure.

With over 35 years’ experience in the industry, Abbey Industrial Solutions are leading providers of tooling resolutions and can help you to monitor and regulate vibrations. Within Abbey, we have a dedicated team of technical engineers fully trained to conduct full, on-site assessments using HAVS testing equipment, before offering tangible and fully HSE recognised solutions to reduce both risk on site and with equipment, whilst also advising of best practice.

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Blog Article | Honouring Tradition with Engineers of the Future

Abbey Industrial Solutions has a long-standing commitment towards training engineering specialists of the future. Many members of the Abbey team joined the company as young apprentices through college-based engineering courses and have remained with the business for several years. Adopting a variety of roles and responsibilities, they form the critical backbone of Abbey.

In our long and rich history, Abbey has carefully nurtured employee talent and enthusiasm through the encouragement of training and mentoring programmes. With two new apprentices; Georgia and Jack enrolling within Abbey in the month of October, they join the likes of Nathan our current Service Team Leader, Harry who is our Service Engineer and Mick, Technical Engineer who, as former apprentices now hold significant roles within the Abbey family.

One of our longest serving team members is Tim, who has been with the company for almost 17 years. Whilst working on his Electrical Mechanical Engineering Course at Whitwood Mining Technical College Tim joined Abbey in 2003 as an apprentice, after his father came across the job advert and encouraged him to apply. Tim’s naturally inquisitive nature and curiosity to learn, quickly earned him the opportunity to enrol upon multiple manufacture led courses to further specialise his knowledge.

Over the years, Tim has travelled the world to attend various state-of-the-art facilities owned by large multinational corporations to complete several specialist courses. Completing training in multiple disciplines with the likes of Ingersoll Rand, Sturtevant Richmont and Cleco. Tim has completed in excess of 13 different training courses.

This high level and regular training schedule for our dedicated service engineers, allows Abbey’s clients the reassurance that all tools processed within Abbey Industrial Solutions, are being done so with manufacture trained specialists, who are equipped with detailed knowledge around both the product and this industry. Abbey team members such as Tim can not only help to service and repair a tool, but also advise on alternatives better suited to a clients individual needs and requirements.

Today, Tim is the Service Centre Supervisor for Abbey’s headquarters in Wakefield. Leading his enthusiastic service team; they work hard to deliver a robust and yet bespoke repair and testing service for a diverse client base.

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Blog Article | Achieving Accreditation’s of Excellence

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, our enduring commitment towards improvement has witnessed a successful re-certification of both ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental) standards, certified by QMS International.

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) audits are part of a wider collection of management principles which provide a positive framework for operations. These standards support Abbey in delivering a confident commitment to both stakeholders and employees, through a programme of continued improvement.

The ISO 9001 standard is one of the most widely adopted quality management standards in the world, and supports Abbey to continuously monitor, manage and improve our service offering. As highlighted on the QMS website; the ISO 9001 Standard is a powerful business improvement tool which provides the framework and guidance a business needs to consistently meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements.

Meanwhile; ISO 14001 aids Abbey in its ongoing environmental commitments through the reduction of waste, improving resource efficiency and cutting waste management costs. This global standard promotes compliance with increasingly stringent environmental laws and regulations.

Sasha, Operations Manager at Abbey Industrial Solutions expressed the importance of these accreditations for the business; “These accreditations not only serve to comfort clients in the knowledge of Abbey stringently adhering to widely recognised guidelines for management systems and environmental frameworks, but they also help the business to achieve consistent operational excellence and deliver on the Abbey Promise across the multiple services we offer.”

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The Abbey Promise

Alongside ISO certifications; Abbey is also recognised by the Institute of Acoustics, the UK’s professional body for those working in acoustics, noise and vibration. This accreditation is practiced by all of Abbey’s specialist engineers through manufacture led training. This allows the safe observation of Vibration Testing either on a client’s site or at one of our workshops. Employees who regularly use power tools may be at risk of developing a range of occupational hazards related to the vibrating nature of hand tools, these are collectively known as Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).

It is estimated that over a million users are exposed to an increased risk of developing HAVS, a risk compounded if operators exceed usage against the recommended limits outlined by Health and Safety guidelines. To this end; Abbey can work with businesses to both manage and mitigate  employers’ risk. Our Institute of Acoustics trained experts will conduct a full on-site assessment using Abbey’s own specialist testing equipment before offering tangible ways to reduce risk whilst advising on best future practice.

Abbey are also CHAS accredited, which allows our clients to confidently to call upon our engineer’s services on a contractual basis, knowing that with this accreditation we will always operate with stringent recognition of robust health and safety standards.

Finally, Abbey are also acknowledged by Achilles; a UK construction industry accreditation and risk management scheme. All of these accreditations work in synchronisation to deliver the Abbey Promise; to work in close alliance with our clients to reduce all tooling related challenges. A promise substantiated by a robust, time served team of engineers forming the backbone of Abbey’s success.

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Company Profile | Cleco – The Smartest Tool for the Toughest Environment

Working in close alliance with Cleco, Abbey are proud to announce the availability of the Cleco CellCore range of products, exclusive to the UK market, through Abbey Industrial Solutions.

The new Cleco CellCore range prides itself on its ease of use, putting the user firmly in control, the tools are smart, durable and designed to withstand the toughest of environments. The lightweight ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue whilst simultaneously delivering state-of-the-art power, weight and balance. Meanwhile, a large user interface makes it quick and easy to program the rundowns on the tool with out a controller.

CellCore offers a great deal of versatility; the easy to use cordless tools allow users to program up to 10 rundown strategies named “FastApps” directly onto the tool in standalone mode. Furthermore,  Celco have stated that users can also pair their CellCore tools with Cleco’s new mPro200 controller. By pairing these devices, users can capture data with ease and in real time.

As an independent provider of tooling solutions; Abbey work closely with a range of leading industrial suppliers to provide our valued customers with the most innovative and suitable tooling solutions.

Advancing this dedicated proposition; Andrew, Sales and Marketing Director at Abbey Industrial Solutions, is incredibly excited by the value offered to Abbey’s customers through this promotion. “The CellCore range of products will be offered in the UK exclusively via Abbey Industrial Solutions. Moving forward as a master distributor of Cleco products in the UK, we are able to ensure a premium level of sales and service opportunities to our valued customers, setting us apart in the market place. Working closely with Cleco, I look forward to bringing forth an extensive range of extremely exclusive offers to our customer base over the course of 2020.”

To find out more about the CellCore range, click here to download your copy of the brochure today.

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Product Profile | Right Angle Grinders That Deliver Power, Control and Comfort

Specialist manufacturer Cleco, are leading innovators when it comes to developing robust tooling solutions.

Their Right Angle Grinders are designed to tackle the most demanding applications across industry: removing material efficiently in foundries, shipyards, machine shops, auto motive and rail  production. When the job calls for precision control and powerful grinding, Cleco’s Right Angle Grinders deliver every time.

The high performance 1.7Hp motor equals maximum power, yet the ergonomic design and anti-vibration handle means less hand fatigue.

Cleco’s Right Angle Grinders are also versatile, with a 270° adjustable guard, allowing access to awkward spaces and a spindle look for quickly changing abrasives.

Available in 4’’, 4.5” and 5” disc sizes, why compromise on durability or comfort?

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, we offer our customers, not only the very latest technology, but also the best deals through our partnerships with manufacturers. As an independent tooling solutions provider, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the right tool for the job at a competitive price point. We also provide comprehensive service and repair solutions to help protect and prolong the life of our customers tooling assets.

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Product Profile | What’s new in the marketplace?

Need a robust, compact Flat Head Grinder with power, torque and agility?

Metabo have both corded and cordless versions that have impressive pedigree backed by their XXL 3 Year Warranty.

Choose from the WEF9-125 5” Flat Head Grinder, output at 900 watts, with 5” Flat head which allows you to work to an acute angle of 43° or the Safety Version the WEPBF15-150 output at 1500watts, with a 6” Flat head  which allows you to work to an acute angle of 39°, both grinders as standard have an in built safety clutch (Anti-Kick back), electronic overload protection and re-start protection, the safety version has the added features of a brake which will stop the disc, when the safety paddle trigger is released.Both Corded tools are available with 110v & 240v.

Cordless tools are no less impressive and come either as a body only or as a kit with batteries and charger. Metabo Batteries are also covered by their XXL 3 Year Warranty and are available in both Li Lithium and Lithium HD especially suitable for high power, high torque applications.

Whatever application, steel, rail, construction or indeed, any heavy industry, you can be guaranteed that a Metabo tool will be a great asset.

As a leading, independent tooling solutions provider; Abbey work closely with companies such as Metabo to bring to market innovative solutions at competitive prices. We provide not only bespoke tooling solutions to customer needs, but also provide manufacture trained service solutions, so you can be assured of receiving the best products and prices with comprehensive service solutions designed to protect and prolong the life of your tooling assets.

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Product Profile | What’s New in the Marketplace?


For a tooling solution that genuinely pushes the boundaries of innovation, Ingersoll Rand have launched the W7152 Impact Tool.

At 20 volts, the ½” drive ImpactTool is a convincing challenger to common pneumatic tools currently available. Its intelligent torque settings allow the operator to multi-task between applications using pre-set shut-off torques and max power. Ideal for industrial use, its high torque capability can help to streamline processes because the Ingersoll W7152 won’t over tighten and can apply consistent torques, unlike its pneumatic competitors.

It is one of the most powerful cordless tool on the market right now, and Abbey Industrial Solutions are proud to bring this innovative tooling solution to the UK market. At Abbey we not only provide tooling solutions to customer needs but can also service and repair tools to manufacture standards through our comprehensive service plans. Contact the team today to learn more about the products we have on offer and the service proposition we provide.

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News Update | Andrew Joins Abbey Industrial Solutions

Andrew joins Abbey Industrial Solutions as the UK Sales and Marketing Director. He brings both academic pedigree and 25 years of hands-on, industry experience to the role and we are delighted to welcome Andrew to the Abbey team.

His previous roles, within B2B sales and marketing, have included multi-national companies such as BP, where he was responsible for developing the brand within Northern Europe and forging strategic partnerships with BP’s manufacturing distributors.

Andrew not only brings expertise in sales but will also apply his considerable insight into the manufacturing industry to help Abbey extend their products and services across their customer network.

With a remit to develop customer relationships, Andrew will focus on identifying needs and creating strategies that will help Abbey’s customers to operate effectively and maximise profit.

Andrew’s appointment demonstrates Abbey’s commitment to building in value for their customers. On joining the company Andrew said: “This role allows me to use both my engineering background and my experience in sales and marketing within the manufacturing industry. The Abbey team’s objectives and mine are very much aligned, in that we are dedicated to offering customers tangible solutions that will maximise productivity. Abbey’s range of products and services mean that I have great tools to work with and a solid proposition for customers.”

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