Blog Article | Abbey Engineer Completes GSAT Examination

Here at Abbey Industrial Solutions, we work closely with multiple airline manufacturers, some of whom operate on sites with passes required for airside working conditions. In the summer of 2020, an Abbey Aerospace Specialist Engineer has travelled the extra mile to achieve a GSAT certification.

What is GSAT?

EU and DfT legislation now make it mandatory for all airport staff operating airside to complete a General Security Awareness Training (GSAT) course. Developed and regularly reviewed in response emerging security threats in aviation, the GSAT course helps to ensure that staff are fully aware of the security measures in place, in the event of an incident.

These measures include an awareness of obligations staff are to meet in the event of an attack or incident. Training also covers the procedures with which to report any suspicious activity, crime or security breaches.

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How are these measures influenced?

In recent years, there have been many changes and developments in security measures at airports, all of which have been emplaced to ensure the safety of all travelling onboard an aeroplane. For example, the 2007 Glasgow Airport Attack in which a Jeep Cherokee loaded with propane gas cylinders and petrol cans was driven at speed into the doors of the Glasgow Airport departure area, went on to the creation of a vehicle exclusion zone at airports to prevent such horrifying attacks from occurring again.

Another incident in 2001 involved Richard Reid, he had attempted to kill himself and nearly 200 travellers in a US passenger plane three days before Christmas, with a bomb in his shoes, earning himself the rather inventive title of “The Shoe Bomber,” whilst passengers now have the pleasure of removing shoes when checking through airport security.

Why was this important for Abbey?

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing bespoke solutions to manufacturers. By obtaining this certification, Graham, our resident Aerospace Specialist Engineer, is able to safely visit all aspects of a customer’s business to provide his knowledge and expertise.

At Abbey, we work closely with our customers to deliver considered solutions to tooling headaches. To find your answers, contact the team today and learn how we can help you resolve any tooling or service related needs.

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