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True to their pioneering spirit, the inventors at Sturtevant Richmont have brought to market the revolutionary TAC Wrench. This simplified and smarter tool allows operators to demonstrate better control and accuracy in assembly tooling.

The TAC Digital Click Wrench, launched in 2019, seamlessly combines the speed, agility and ease of use elements from Sturtevant Richmont’s click wrenches with the accuracy, reporting capabilities and torque and angle functionality of their 1350 digital torque and angle wrenches.

The TAC Digital Wrench brings to market better accuracy not only in assembly but also in the provision of analytical data. As a click wrench is designed to ‘click’ at a predetermined point, an operator should cease ‘pulling’ when the wrench indicates to do so. However, it is commonplace for operators to miss their cues in a busy manufacturing environment, thereby applying unnecessary, additional torque.

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Evolution of Revolution

The TAC Wrench monitors the click and peak torque settings as well as tracking and reporting on details such as when the wrench clicked, and the final torque result registered at that particular point, with peak torque. In addition to this, the wrench also reports the degrees of angle rotation for the fastener. This level of detail provides a supervisor with actionable data from which error proofing and correction can occur. Thus, addressing issues in human failure, with optimum machine accuracy.

The TAC Wrench also presents the ability to quickly identify a scenario whereby the operator may be attempting to tighten a fastener which has already been addressed. This level of attention is labelled by the team at Sturtevant Richmont as “Double Hit Protection.” As an operator could reach the target torque without the specified degrees of rotation, the wrench knows that the fastener has already been tightened, allowing the operator to efficiently move on to the next fastener. It is important to note that it is the angle function which supports this feature and that the standard click wrench does not currently occupy this capability.

The innovation displayed by the new TAC Digital Click Wrench has naturally led to multiple happy stakeholders within a manufacturing based organisation. For example, the TAC Wrench is fantastically simple and easy to use for assembly operators as they get visual, auditory and tactile guidance with each fastener.

From a management standpoint, managers now have access to actual torque and angle values for each fastener, which for industries reliant on accuracy and precision in production, this is a priceless asset to their tooling solutions.

The Abbey Solution

As a proud distributor for Sturtevant Richmont products in the UK, Abbey are proud to bring to the British market, products which are both pioneering and price sensitive from this inventive American firm.

This summer, as part of the Innovation Series, the expert team at Abbey presented an interactive webinar featuring the Sturtevant Richmont TAC Digital Wrench.

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Sturtevant Richmont are both agile and responsive to market needs, and the specialist service engineering team at Abbey have been fully trained at the Sturtevant Richmont Chicago Headquarters to be able to deliver original manufacturer standard maintenance and repairs to your tooling investments.

To find out more about these products and how we can help you find the right solution to your tooling headaches, contact the team today.

Contact the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions today to learn how we can help you maximise your manufacturing productivity: |  01924 224240

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