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Experts at what they do, BNP utilise their experience and knowledge to construct solutions which improve production processes whilst increasing the level of ergonomics required for the assembly and tightening phases in manufacturing. BNP are dedicated to the research of new technologies and materials, bringing to market, competitively priced, high-tech products.

New from the team which strives to improve assembly line worker conditions with the intelligence made available by Industry 4.0, BNP bring to market the A.B.R.A, a new torque reaction arm.

What does it do?

The A.B.R.A. is a pneumatic balanced reaction arm which has been designed to absorb the reaction torque generated by tools such as screwdrivers, drills, tapping machines etc, when it is neither possible nor practical to utilise alternative solutions such as telescopic or reaction arms.

Innately understanding the needs and requirements of modern assembly halls, the A.B.R.A. has been developed to cover large work areas thanks to its working radius. The presence of carbon elements helps to reduce the A.B.R.A’s weight, this in turn aids the usability of the tool, particularly when compared to similar products in the market.

Advantages of using the A.B.R.A. torque reaction arm.

  • Productivity – The A.B.R.A. arm makes it markedly easier for operators to use heavy weight tools. This in turn generates higher productivity thanks to the efficiencies displayed in the assembly process.
  • Flexibility – It can cover large work areas thanks to its working radius, it can also be installed on columns, walls or rail systems.
  • Ease of use – It’s strong yet lightweight structure enables heightened ease of use.
  • Ergonomics – It guarantees workers protection from the continuous torque reaction exposure and heavy load lifting activities. The A.B.R.A. has been designed with total safety and operator ergonomics in mind.

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At Abbey Industrial Solutions we work with leading tooling specialists to bring our clients considered tooling investments based on individual site criteria, be that compatibility to existing tooling, tool usage or even maintenance schedules.

Working alongside the specialists at BNP, the Abbey team can help to elevate manufacturing processes, furthering the potential of existing assets to their ultimate operative capacity. Working with prominent manufacturers such as Vauxhall Motors Ltd, BAE Systems and GKN to name but a few, with Abbey you can be sure to receive expert advice to resolve all your tooling headaches. Abbey also provide comprehensive solutions towards the complete management of your tooling. Our robust tooling management programme can be integrated with existing systems to analyse and track the life-cycle and operative status of tooling assets, delivering seamless tooling support.

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