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Toolbox Talks with Abbey are more than a tick box exercise. Encompassing a comprehensive understanding of customer needs, we work across multiple tooling disciplines from Assembly, Material Removal and Drilling and Riveting, to deliver robust tooling solutions.

We know that individual sites, even within the same business will often have diverse needs, based on manufacturing output. Therefore, our expert teams work with you to gain a complete understanding of requirements, including intent of use, budgets and maintenance schedules, to provide carefully crafted answers to your tooling questions.

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Our Process Typically Includes:

  • A thorough on-site evaluation which includes an understanding of manufacturing processes and correct tooling required.
  • All tooling merits are considered based on usage needs, maintenance costs and service requirements.
  • The expert team then present a fully considered solution to help maximise your manufacturing productivity.

Service Plans and Purchase Programmes

Our highly trained team of expert Engineers are OEM educated, providing asset security on every tool serviced. With all assets registered on Abbey’s Tooling Management System, we are able to maintain an accurate and fully traceable understanding of the tool’s complete lifecycle and operative status. This system can be integrated into existing management programmes to offer you seamless tooling support, whilst providing compliance with current ISO standards.

Meanwhile Abbey One, a fully customisable lease and maintenance programme, allows you to keep better track of your finances along with the purchase and lifecycle management of your tooling in one location. Abbey One is a comprehensive plan providing complete investment confidence, as our plans are tailored to individual business purchasing needs, falling in line with our Toolbox Talk evaluations and service plans.

A Complete Solution

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering complete tooling solutions to maximise manufacturing productivity. As an independent operative, we work with a wide range of leading tooling manufacturers to bring you innovative and robust solutions to your tooling needs.

To find out more about our sales and services, contact the team today for a free, personalised consultation to ensure your tools are fully optimised for your manufacturing needs.

Contact the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions today to learn how we can help you maximise your manufacturing productivity: |  01924 224240

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