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As an independent tooling solutions provider, Abbey are proudly positioned to offer impartial advice based on each client’s individual needs. Whether you require full on-site assessments alongside detailed advice on the latest in tooling solutions, seek knowledge on DC tools which are in line with Industry 4.0 standards, or would like to emplace a comprehensive service plan; Abbey has every solution to your tooling headache.

A history of tenacity and resolutions

In over 35 years of trading, there are tooling troubles few and far between that the experienced team at Abbey haven’t witnessed and responded to with tenacity and resolution. Evolutions in the tooling market have always required the Abbey sales and service teams to be agile and responsive with constructive knowledge and solutions to market needs, this has been consistently possible thanks to our close working relationships with leading tooling manufacturers.

Supporting distribution of major brands such as Cleco and Sturtevant Richmont, Abbey work with a plethora of tooling providers to offer our clients a complete and comprehensive package of tooling solutions and service options.

Responding to an evolving landscape

Industry 4.0 brings with it a promise of a smarter, more connected future which is highly productive and efficient. A white paper report by European Tool and Mould Making Magazine titled Tooling Industry 4.0 explains how “toolmakers around the world constantly seek to make improvements in order to deliver a high level of quality in a short period of time and at competitive prices.”

Very specifically for the tooling market, the paper goes on to elaborate that “the primary objective of industrialisation in toolmaking is to reduce idle and lead times by limiting the number of variations in tool components and processes.”

These improvements are what Abbey help to bring to the array of manufacturing clients we work with. Smarter ways of working help to increase efficiencies and reduce human errors with the accuracy of computer data in DC tooling solutions.

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Consistently viable solutions

The experienced team at Abbey are able to conduct detailed on site assessments as part of an asset management exercise. Creating an audit of all your tools including their service history and any repairs carried out alongside compliance testing, this helps to create a thorough inventory with full visibility of all your tooling assets and aids planning of maintenance and renewal without impacting productivity.

These assessments can help clients to adhere to all current health and safety legislation regarding tools, their usage and maintenance. Particularly with our HAVS testing facilities. Our manufacture trained engineers are equipped to service tools to original manufacture standards and all service and repairs including HAVS testing and calibration work take place in our ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental) certified workshop.

However, if your tools have reached the end of their lifespan and you are considering further investment in your tooling assets, then the knowledgeable team are on hand to guide you through the best tool available on the market to meet your individual needs in line with tool usage and budgets.

To learn more about Abbey Industrial Solutions and how our team can help you to reach your manufacturing potential whilst minimising your tooling headaches speak to the specialist team today.

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