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Thanks to the invent of Industry 4.0, modern manufacturers face multiple questions when seeking to invest in tooling suites for their manufacturing requirements. But the answers need not be complicated. Modern tooling solutions are optimised for an array of individual tooling needs, with particular emphasis, upon speed and precision in manufacturing.

The power of torque tools

The eternal challenge for production managers has long remained the conundrum of ‘how exactly to ensure consistency and accuracy in production.’ This is further compounded by variances in operator’s individual strength and tendencies towards simple human errors. How often have you lost track of your actions in the face of monotony?

Power torque tools however, provide a level of consistent accuracy and speed in manufacturing perhaps never seen before, removing much of the onus on operators as instead, tooling suites ensure precision in production.

We know that we use torque in production to tighten bolts and screws for example. For a screw to be correctly tightened, a screwdriver must apply an exact amount of torque to the screw’s head. Under-application can lead to a screw falling loose from its assembly, whereas over-application can damage the screw, the assembly, or both. In both instances we are met with product rejection on the line or product failure in the hands of consumers.

Torque screwdrivers, be it electric or pneumatic, are tools which help to deliver precise amounts of torque to the heads of screws. And an investment in torque screwdrivers can help to prevent the earlier discussed human errors in production as we eliminate possibilities of applying incorrect amounts of force, and therefore damaging products.

The Electronic torque screwdrivers and pneumatic torque screwdrivers from Mountz both control torque using different means thought they can achieve similarly accurate results. Pneumatic screwdrivers rely on an internal clutch mechanism to stop applying force at the right time, whilst electronic screwdrivers typically reduce the current to stop or slow torque. This gives electronic torque screwdrivers additional functionality, such as soft stops, which protect sensitive products.

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Accuracy of Industry 4.0

When we refer back to our earlier questions of investment, products such as the MDC V2 Controller from Mountz, operates with the MD series of electric screwdrivers and becomes a single tool controller that offers programmable speed, angle auto reverse and soft start options.

Available with 15 pre-sets and adjustable parameters, the MDC Controller can manage and mitigate related errors with torque, speed and angle in production.

An increased dialogue between machinery provides both operators and managers a peace of mind in accuracy with accompanying potential for reduction in production waste as error proofing is actively addressed with modern tooling investments.

Your one-stop tooling solution provider

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