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Established in 1995, BNP develop and manufacture advanced ergonomic solutions and components suitable for the assembly and tightening phases in manufacturing halls. In recent years, the firm has placed a greater investment in research and development, as it seeks to produce products which help to improve production processes and increase ergonomics considering marketplace needs.

POSIX Systems

Posix positioning systems from BNP provide error proof sequential tightening as it recognises the position of a tool during the assembly process and enables the tightening operation, only when it is assured that the screwdriver (as example) is positioned correctly. This complete level of control over the tightening system guarantees the highest level of accuracy and quality over the production process.


Posix system is used to ensure maximum quality, improve efficiency and speed up production process.

  • HMI with 7” touch screen.
  • Support up to 4 incremental encoders.
  • Communication with power tool control units by digital I/O.
  • Intuitive and easy programming.
  • Operator visual aid through pictures/CAD of the real part.
  • Stand-alone device or can be interfaced with SMM software through PC.
  • Support data recording and management.
  • Can be used with the range of BRT-P2, BRT-P3, BRF, BRL, BRV-SA, ZeroG arms.
  • Interfaceable with many brands of control unit.



Posix Pro adds to the capabilities of the Posix system, whilst it’s advanced nature allows it to comfortably adapt to different needs as it manages several components.  Alongside all the capabilities of the Posix, the Pro also offers:

  • Visualization of work phases, with multilingual instructions, workplace and assembly components graphic reproduction.
  • Possibility to consult detailed instructions for each phase (pdf, videos, images).
  • Barcode print and detection.
  • Operator recognition.
  • Assembly model recognition.
  • Locking/unlocking component to assembly.
  • Management of tightening.
  • Management of torque reaction arms with encoders.
  • Communication with power tool control units.
  • Management of socket tray.
  • Pick to light picking system.
  • Interfaceable with ERP.

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