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Following on from our earlier profile piece on Sturtevant Richmont, in this article we explore the heart of their promise, which has been perfectly encompassed in one fantastically accurate, reliable and most importantly; durable tool.

Sturtevant Richmont tools can be subjected to the most demanding of production environments and still find themselves thriving to meet on site demands. As seen in the video below, this three year old TorqTronics 2 Digital Tester was with the team of ST engineers for routine calibration servicing, and despite some extreme wear and tear, the tester still works to provide perfectly optimised output.


Within the video we can clearly see that the keypads have been almost completely torn off the face of the machine, and yet usability has not been compromised. To experience the Sturtevant Richmont promise for yourself, contact the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions today to obtain your very own range of powerfully accurate, reliable, and durable tools.

Click to view Sturtevant Richmont product demonstration 

Speak to one of our experts and learn just how the Sturtevant Richmont range of tools can help to address your tooling headaches. As a proud distributor for Sturtevant Richmont products in the UK, Abbey Industrial Solutions, proudly brings to the British market, DC Tooling solutions which are both pioneering and price sensitive.

Sturtevant Richmont are proudly agile and perceptive in their response to market needs, ensuring that your tooling investment is always financially and tangibly considered. Meanwhile, the specialist service engineering team at Abbey have been fully trained at the Sturtevant Richmont Chicago Headquarters to be able to deliver original manufacture standard maintenance and repairs to your tooling investments.

Contact the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions today to learn how we can help you maximise your manufacturing productivity: |  01924 224240

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