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Practising perfect precision in manufacturing helps to guarantee that a product is built to exact specifications time and time again. This in turn minimises risks of fault in production and in the larger scheme of things, impacts the bottom line as we actively reduce waste.

However, when working in joint critical industries such as aviation, precision in manufacturing becomes imperative. After-all, nobody wishes to be that engineer who caused the aeroplane wing to fall off mid-flight. When it comes to precision in manufacturing it’s importance to do it once and do it right.

Accuracy vs Precision.

An article from production machining fantastically details the key differences between accuracy and precision in manufacturing. If “accuracy describes close-to-true value, then precision describes repeatability,” a critical factor in manufacturing, as effective repeatability ultimately provides reproducibility.

At Abbey Industrial Solutions we work closely with multiple manufacturers who rely on the repeatable quality of precision in manufacturing. Our expert teams are trained to install complex intelligent tooling systems through to advanced drilling systems.

What is Advanced Drilling?

Designed to offer enhanced performance, quality and reliability advanced drilling tooling solutions can be found in the assembly halls of multiple large and small manufacturers, particularly in the aircraft and automotive industries.

Advanced drilling is more than just one tool, it’s an entire suite of solutions working together to provide seamless repeatability. At Abbey we work with specialists in high precision tools to offer tailored jigs which allow for complete accuracy in drilling using the latest technology. Coupled with high-tech drilling systems, and you are well on your way towards making one of the safest planes to have ever left your manufacturing plant.

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The Abbey Solution

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, we work with multiple tooling specialists to provide considered and bespoke solutions to suit, what we recognise to be multiple factors influencing individual site needs. As an independent retailer, we will always offer the best tool for the job based on factors such as usage and investment and maintenance budgets.

Meanwhile, our manufacturer trained engineers can complete meticulous maintenance on tooling assets, from pneumatic to DC tooling services, our team can help to ensure that your tools are fully optimised for your production needs.

Speak to a member of our team about advanced drilling, pneumatic, intelligent tooling systems and more. Reach out for a competitive comparison on tooling systems designed to best suit your needs.

Contact the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions today to learn how we can help you maximise your manufacturing productivity: |  01924 224240

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