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At Abbey, we bring you fully considered, customised solutions that are designed around your tooling needs and maintenance schedules. Experienced team members across multiple departments work together to provide a dedicated provision of process optimisation.

Efficient and well-organised processes bring more value to organisations than is often perceived and understood. Fully optimised processes allow fast paced manufacturing organisations to act in a proactive, rather than reactive manner.


The benefits of process optimisation with Abbey.

As highlighted by Dysel, optimising processes brings several great benefits, including:


Effective process optimisation highlights how to work more efficiently as you eliminate, streamline and where possible, automate steps in the process to save time and reduce both errors and duplicate work.

For example, with the support of the right tools for the job, operators can increase tooling uptime. Abbey’s Sales team are trained in the latest product innovations to equip you with valuable and accurate knowledge which considers your budgets and purchasing scale to recommend tooling solutions best suited to your manufacturing lines.

Helping customers better

Our Sales team and specialist Assembly team conduct detailed line walks across multiple sites often within the same business as we know that one solution rarely fits all. Line walks are a process which involve the careful examination of existing production systems and processes. These line walks often reveal opportunities to increase operator efficiencies which can in turn improve processes, production output, quality and even bottom line costs. We conduct these line walks with you to understand what your priorities are and suggest solutions in line with those needs.

These line walks can help to:

  • Reduce tooling downtime.
  • Highlight ways to improve tooling lifecycles.
  • Improve operator ergonomics.
  • Reduce process costs.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

At Abbey, we work with a multitude of manufacturers to provide expert advice and services around vibration management in line with HSE standards. An effective programme should ensure the health and safety of employees and to enable this, our team complete thorough site and tool assessments before suggesting a suitable package of measures to minimise and where possible, eliminate vibration risk.

We also provide information and training for employees on vibration risks and our teams can advise and install appropriate control measures on site.

Abbey’s Service Team Engineers are trained to trained to complete on-site assessments using comprehensive testing equipment. All data recorded includes a measurement procedure which is in line with ISO standards. The report provides both action and limit levels which showcase daily usage limit figures on all tested tools.

To learn more about our Line Walks or HAVS Service solutions contact the team today. We can complete socially distanced HAVS testing and can schedule Line Walk activities once we are safely able to do so.

Contact the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions today to learn how we can help you maximise your manufacturing productivity: |  01924 224240

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