Company Profile | Cleco and Cordless Fastening in Smart Manufacturing

With increased emphasis on the importance of efficient and more connected, smarter methods of manufacturing, Cleco continue to bring to market a powerful and innovative range of cordless tooling solutions, specifically created to suit a range of budgets and requirements.

Dynamic and adaptive in a fast moving manufacturing environment; Cleco recognise that ‘as the pace of manufacturing continues to accelerate, so too does the pressure to adopt Industry 4.0 and smart, more connected solutions.’ And so; in response to market needs, Cleco have developed a range of cordless solutions with three key elements in mind; versatility, traceability and connectivity.


No longer limited by a length of cable; cordless tools provide operators with enhanced versatility, improved ergonomics and heightened safety and flexibility over corded tool counterparts.

Offering improved efficiency in usage; Cleco state that their ‘cordless tools can either run without a controller, on a dedicated cordless controller, or alternatively; on a hybrid controller that runs both corded and cordless tools.’ The cordless tools are also able to communicate directly to a manufacturing execution system (MES) using an application programming interface (API).

This flexibility in production creates opportunities for ‘users to repurpose, replace or relocate tools very quickly and easily.’


Traceability is identified through multiple opportunities with Cleco’s cordless tools, a necessity to certainly consider as ‘most of today’s automated production lines use flexible manufacturing systems to assemble multiple products and versions on a single line, making traceability and error prevention critical to a successful containment strategy. Using spatial systems, barcode scanners and socket trays, or even a combination of all three is just one of the few ways manufacturers can address their own unique tracking and containment needs.’

In overview; Spatial Systems help to ‘leverage user defined geofencing parameters. Spatial systems can track the tool location and application, thus preventing users from working ahead or moving the tool out of the work zone.’

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Cordless tools require a significant amount of connectivity in order to be able to operate at maximum efficiency. Cleco suggest that ‘connectivity is one of the most critical considerations to evaluate when choosing the right cordless tool for your production needs.’

In its most basic premise; the cordless tool will collect the rundown strategy from the controller, perform the rundown and on completion, send the results back to the controller, for the controller to then send these results to the plant. These features gain importance, and prominence in manufacturing environments where the measurement of accuracy and tolerance levels is critical to the product’s safety integrity.

All of these components combined come back towards our original recognition of creating a smarter and more connected working environment. This level of connectivity, traceability and versatility ensures that within a myriad of cordless applications available in the market, Cleco provides an answer within a specified budget range without compromising on quality and safety.

The adaptable nature of Cleco’s cordless range of tools allows manufacturers to extract optimum usage opportunities from their investments. Unlike Cleco’s competitors with loftier price tags and less flexibility, Cleco have specifically developed their range to appeal to the widest range of buyers possible through a sustained high quality, and price sensitive product offer.

From offering free software updates for many of their tooling solutions, to creating multiple products with the ability to function from one master controller; rather than creating a necessity for multiple tools and components, Cleco bring to market solutions with lasting ingenuity and ease of use.

As a proud master UK distributor for Cleco’s range of products; the team at Abbey are able to advise on the best solutions to remove your tooling headaches whilst also providing comprehensive service solutions which repair tools to original manufacturer standards.

As Cleco seek to provide Cordless and DC tooling solutions in the UK market through Abbey Industrial Solutions; this competitive and alternative option to the large, but often less agile competitors in the industry is here to help revolutionise, smarten and better connect your tooling needs.

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