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Two of the most common applications for torque testing are in fastening and in products with rotating parts, for example, motors, engines or transmissions. By measuring and analysing the torque characteristics in such applications it becomes possible to accurately determine both the quality of the part or process, and the root cause of a wide variety of defects.

An article in Quality Mag states that, assembling a large or complex product can often involve hundreds, thousands or even millions of fasteners, many of which are bolts or screws that are tightened by a torque driver of some sort. When a fastener fails, the integrity of the entire product can be affected, so it is important for the manufacturer to be able to ensure that each fastener has been properly tightened and has not been damaged or weakened during the fastening process.

The value of good quality torque testers is in the provision of accuracy and repeatability. Sturtevant Richmont Torque Testers can help to reduce testing time and increase output for operators, particularly when performing batch tests.

Sturtevant Richmont’s previous torque testers were known and trusted to withstand the test of both time and endurance. In fact – many of the originally released torque testers are still operating efficiently across multiple manufacturing halls.

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Fail-safe Engineering

Insufficiently torqued fasteners run the risk of causing variable degrees of damage to both operators and the product on the assembly line. It has therefore become increasingly important to ensure that the correct torque is being applied from tooling assets in manufacturing.

With time and technological development – today’s torque tester choices are better than ever before. From Sturtevant Richmont, the new TorqTronics 2 and System 8 are easier to use and fully attuned with the Torque Tool Manager 4.0 – users can load the testers with multiple test points, units of measure and mode of operation in just one key stroke.

Effective use of torque testers can help to reduce maintenance costs on tooling assets, whilst providing real time checks to ensure ISO Quality Standards and operator safety is being maintained. Sturtevant Richmont torque testing solutions are a robust and comprehensive answer to torque testing needs, providing fail-safe engineering and quality assurance.

The Abbey Solution

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, we work with multiple tooling specialists such as Sturtevant Richmont to provide considered and bespoke solutions to suit, what we recognise to be multiple factors influencing individual site needs. As an independent retailer, we will always offer the best tool for the job based on factors such as frequency of usage and maintenance budgets.

Meanwhile, our manufacturer trained engineers can complete meticulous maintenance on tooling assets. From pneumatic to DC tooling services, our team can help to ensure that your tools are fully optimised for your production needs.

Speak to a member of our team about advanced drilling, pneumatic, intelligent tooling systems and more. Reach out for a competitive comparison on tooling systems designed to best suit your needs.

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