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Repetitive activities on assembly lines runs the risk of exposing workers to the risk of biochemical overload, particularly of the upper limbs, increasing chances of occupational illnesses such as hand arm vibration syndrome.

The use of ergonomic work tools such as BNP Torque Reaction Arms, allow for both ease of use and precision in tightening operations, both of which are in alliance with the principles of ergonomics and safety. The strength, flexibility and ergonomics provided by BNP’s Torque Reaction Arms make them optimal work tools when considering operator safety and business productivity.

The Right Tool for Your Needs

BNP telescopic torque reaction arms

Made of carbon fibre, are the best solution for maximizing ergonomics in the hand tightening operations. They are used in case of workers need the maximum freedom of movement.


  • Suitable for installation of any type of screwdriver
  • Tight manufacturing tolerances
  • Precise matching components
  • High strength carbon fibre construction


BRV anti-rotation torque reaction arms

Universal tools with an exclusive design for maximum tightening flexibility.


  • Torque range from 15 to 80Nm
  • Smooth and accurate sliding with ball splined shaft
  • Main tube realised by special carbon fibre design
  • Can use a specific range of TH-BRV Tool Holders or THR Swivel Tool Holders.


BNP orthogonal torque reaction arms

These combine the company know-how on carbon fibre with a robust mechanical design and high precision assembly. The product range includes a folded model (BRF) and a linear model (BRL).


  • Available torques: 10-15-40-80Nm.
  • Possible customization of arms with higher torque values than the standard range.
  • The possibility of fixing on sliding guides.


Zero Gravity torque reaction arms

These are “zero gravity” thanks to a pneumatic balancing system, which relieves the operator from holding up the tool weight, improving operator ergonomics. Both floor mount and ceiling mount versions are available.


  • Main arms made of carbon fibre.
  • Pneumatic balancing system reduces operator fatigue and increases production efficiency.
  • Facilitate use of female and/or senior operators
  • Also available is the encoder kit, basic and personal tool droppers.


BNP torque reaction arm accessories

These are used for precision tool positioning, ensuring maximum efficiency during tightening. With BNP torque reaction arms, they improve the ergonomics of the workstation thanks to the adaptability of the operator’s position.


  • Made of carbon fibre with maximum efficiency of the tightening and total quality of the product.


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