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Cleco Cordless Assembly Tools

Cleco Cordless Assembly Tools are purpose built to offer users maximum mobility. Cleco’s smart assembly tools are not only durable but also designed to withstand use in the toughest environments. The lightweight and ergonomic design helps to reduce operator fatigue whilst delivering state-of-the-art power, weight and balance, meanwhile the large user interface makes it quick and easy to programme rundowns on the tool without referring to a controller. CellCore has been designed to put the user in control with cordless assembly tools that are easy to handle and hard to break.

Meet the range of controllers.

Helping you to optimise connectivity and maximise versatility, Cleco controllers are designed to seamlessly connect you and your assembly line. The versatile controller systems manage a wide variety of assembly tools and applications to deliver advanced process configurations and flexible tightening solutions.

mPro200 Series Global Controllers – designed to easily capture and communicate data in real time within your plant network. Unlike previous tools for this function, the mPro200 prides itself in the compact nature of its design which allows you to minimise your footprint in the manufacturing environment without compromising on your performance.

mPro300 Series Global Controllers – The mPro300 series controller has been expressly designed for Cleco’s NeoTek corded assembly tools. Providing versatile protocol functionality and easy integration into plant systems, the mPro300 provides a fully dedicated one-to-one connected solution for NeoTek tools.

mPro400 Series Global Controllers – Conceived to manage multiple Cleco cordless and corded assembly tools, the mPro400 series controller delivers the ultimate flexibility for assembly lines by allowing full utilisation of both corded and cordless tools. From the simple to incredibly complex tightening requirements, the mPro400 controllers allow for easy integration into any manufacturing environment.

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Understanding the CellTek, CellCore and CellClutch range.

Developed to perform in a wide range of applications, Cleco tools have three distinct categories to help you maximise operational output.

CellClutch – CellClutch Cordless Assembly Tools sit at the functional end of the operational scale. Smart and simple to use, they bring programmability to production lines with programme speeds and multi-stage rundown solutions to eliminate defects and enhance productivity.

This range also communicates rundown, batch and job results to Cleco’s mPro controllers, or run offline with non-communicating tools.

CellCore – Smart, durable and designed to withstand the toughest environments, the lightweight and ergonomic design of the CellCore range has been conceived to help actively reduce operator fatigue. Delivering state-of-the-art power, weight and balance, the CellCore’s large user interface makes it quick and easy to programme rundowns on the tool without a controller.

CellTek – CellTek Cordless assembly tools combine superior connectivity, with reliable, real-time synchronisation from manufacturing and engineering systems. CellTek technology puts safety critical assembly at centre stage, combined with best-in-class accuracy, this new range from Cleco is the fastest cordless assembly tools in their class.

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Available exclusively via Abbey Industrial Solutions

Abbey Industrial Solutions are the master distributors for Cleco in the UK. Our dedicated Assembly Engineers and Sales Team, work with you to assess your individual production needs before creating a tailored package of integrated solutions, which are fully optimised to maximise your manufacturing productivity.

Cleco’s leading range of solutions allows your assembly lines to operate at top level output, with vast experience in delivering a wide range of applications in the automotive, aerospace, white goods and heavy machinery manufacturing industries, Cleco and Abbey are perfectly matched and equipped to manage your tooling needs.

Contact the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions today to learn how we can help you maximise your manufacturing productivity: |  01924 224240

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