Blog Article | Why Should I Calibrate My Fastening Tools?

Manufacturers are only as good as their end product and the reputations built around those products. In most cases, there will have been significant investment in tooling and setting up the production process: a capital expenditure that must deliver a ROI.

So why wouldn’t a business protect that investment by ensuring their tools are working efficiently and profitably?

Tools that are operating to incorrect parameters are not only inefficient, they expose businesses to poor brand perception and, more seriously, the risk of litigation should faults occur.

Regular calibration for tools is recommended to ensure that they are working within the original manufacturers parameters and consistency is being maintained. Even those tool manufacturers offering impressive guarantees of up to 1 million cycles of maintenance free usage should be calibrated on a regular basis.

However, calibration must be precisely carried out, using a transducer calibrated under laboratory conditions. It’s vital also, that the transducer is certified at the lab by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service), the internationally recognised standard of calibration. The laboratory environment will ensure that parameters have been correctly set and any testing by that transducer will also satisfy regulation.

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Why is this important? Because businesses need be assured of an unbroken chain of traceability, therefore calibration should be traceable to UKAS standards. This may prove to be invaluable if problems occur during the production process or worse, once products are out in the marketplace and have to be recalled due to faults.

Certified, calibrated tools, with the appropriate documentation and traceability are imperative should a fault result in litigation. A business employing this system can prove competence and retain credibility should a problem arise later.

There are plenty of companies who will not only supply tools but also offer to service and calibrate them. Manufacturers are advised to thoroughly investigate their suppliers to make sure they are providing a robust offer and delivering a high standard of service. Certainly, only those offering UKAS traceable certification are worth considering.

Abbey Industrial Solutions have been supplying tools to some of the most well known blue chip companies within the manufacturing sector, including auto assembly, gas & oil industry, heavy plant manufacturers and aerospace for a number of years. For those businesses where precision and reputation is paramount, Abbey offer a considerable wealth of expertise. Abbey can create a bespoke service and calibration plan, advise on tooling procurement and even assist with a specific challenge. Renowned for innovation, Abbey’s qualified, manufacturer trained engineers are often consulted about specific issues.

Being an independent supplier allows Abbey to offer a truly unbiased approach, a valuable asset for those investing considerable sums in tooling. Customers are assured of straightforward, expert input.

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