Achieving fault free production: The power of operator guidance solutions

An image showing the various elements of an operator guidance solutions system

If you're looking to streamline your processes, reduce errors, and supercharge your efficiency, then operator guidance is for you.


Operator guidance solutions are a combination of assets and solutions that work in harmony to guide operators through complex manufacturing processes. 


They're like a sat nav for your production line but instead of guiding you turn by turn on a car journey they guide you step by step through your manufacturing processes.  

Benefits Galore: Why You Need Operator Guidance Solutions

1) Remove errors

A recent study found that 80% of quality defects can be traced back to human error in the manufacturing process. These errors can be costly to a company’s finances as well as their brand’s reputation. Operator guidance is the solution to overcome these defects and create an error free production line.


2) Training Made Easy 

Onboarding new team members can be a headache, but operator guidance provides easy to follow instructions, allowing all team members to perform from the start.


3) Maximise Productivity 

Operator guidance solutions optimize your workflow, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. In short, operators using operator guidance have a 62% reduction in Takt times compared to those not using any operator guidance.   

Elements That Make an Operator Guidance Solution

Barcode scanners | A barcode scanner can work in many ways to load the relevant works instructions at the start of your process, communicate to the tooling assets which rundown programme to use, ensure you are using the correct parts and manage stock inventory. 


Real-time feedback | Sometimes, a little feedback goes a long way. Operator Guidance Solutions provide instant visual, audio and haptic cues, alerting operators to errors in the rundown sequence.


Pick to light | If you have multiple parts that go into your processes these lights can ensure the correct parts are picked at the right stage. This means your product never fails due to an incorrect or missing part all while speeding up your takt times so you can maximise your productivity.


Socket trays | These clever devices will highlight and unlock the socket that is needed at the right stage of your assembly process. Saving time and speeding up your process with operator guidance tools will maximise your productivity.


On screen guidance | Forget about boring manuals! The biggest and most visual part of operator guidance is on screen works instructions. These can be paired with actual imagery of your workpiece and have interactive works instructions to guide the operator through the whole process.


Augmented reality (AR) technology | Step into the future with AR-powered guidance solutions. These immersive tools overlay digital information onto the real world, offering a hands-on learning experience like never before.

Remember, the future of manufacturing is not just about machines, but also about empowering the human operators who use them. Operator Guidance Solutions are truly transforming the manufacturing industry, making it more efficient, error-free, and high-quality. If you're in the manufacturing sector and you want to create a fault-free production line, then you need Operator Guidance.

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