Powering Up Electric Vehicles: Exploring High Voltage Insulated Sockets


Picture this: you're piecing together the intricate puzzle that is an electric vehicle. Among the myriad of components, there's one crucial element that demands extra attention — the high voltage assembly systems.

Image showing the inside of a High Voltage socket

Working with traditional assembly tooling poses a risk of electrocution to the operator but before you go out and purchase a whole new tooling system there is a simpler and more cost effective solution…insulated sockets. 


How do insulated sockets work? 

High voltage insulated sockets incorporate robust insulation and isolation techniques to minimize the risk of electrical hazards. 

Why should I use high voltage insulated sockets when assembling an electric vehicle?


1) Enhanced Safety

The Apex range of Insulated Sockets offer a dependable safeguard for current protection up to 1000V, significantly reducing the risks associated with contact with high voltage protection, live components, short-circuits, and grounding with tools.


2) Reduced Operator Injury

Experience increased operator safety and minimize lost time due to injuries with Apex u-GUARD™ free-spinning covered drive tools. These tools effectively reduce or eliminate pinch points, even when wearing gloves.


3) Advanced Surface Protection

Enjoy maximum protection and significantly reduced in-system damage and marring on polished and highly sensitive surfaces with Apex u-GUARD™ anti-mar protective covers. Preserve finished surfaces and reduce the risk of costly rework.


4) Extensive EV Tightening Solutions
Unlock endless tightening combinations with Apex Tools, with extensive customized solutions to cater to any high-voltage fastening assembly applications.


How easy are they to use and incorporate into my production line?

The Apex High Voltage Application provides flexibility with many different socket combinations for safe and superior EV tightening and all options fit to existing tools just like any other socket does.


In the dynamic world of electric vehicle manufacturing, staying ahead of the curve is key. High voltage insulated sockets offer a winning combination of safety, efficiency, and innovation, making them a must-have. Find out more about the full range of insulated sockets here


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