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Product Spotlight – Atlas Copco LSV39 Grinder

Atlas Copco LSV39 grinder image

Introducing the brand new Atlas Copco LSV39 grinder, the tool of choice for material removal.  Whether it’s rough grinding, de-burring or sanding in cramped and narrow spaces then this is the perfect tool.

It’s pitched to be the most powerful vane grinder of its size on the market.  With its impressive 1800 kW output it increases productivity by up to 20% over its predecessor the LSV38.

This state-of-the-art material removal tool will significant shorten production processes and provides a host of other benefits:

Extended service life

Designed with longevity in mind the LSV39 is practically maintenance free, providing years of exceptional function.  The service schedule is kept to a minimum, just a grease change every 1,000 hours of use will guarantee 2,500 hrs service life.  Long service intervals are as standard thanks to the sealed angle heads on all of 39 series grinders and sanders.

Greater power – greater productivity

The aesthetics of the LSV39 are cutting-edge with a new ergonomic trigger that provides comfortable handling and reduces total grip size. It’s top of its class too and provides 50% higher output than other grinders on the market.  Productivity can be improved by as much as 20%, providing increased power, which in turn provides faster material removal and improved productivity for your workforce.

Enjoy consistent performance thanks to the new air motor technology, even if it’s connected to a long hose. It gives off 1.8kw output with a 3 metre hose attached, so it gives an impressive output, enabling users to accomplish the trickiest of jobs in the most cramped conditions.

Ergonomic styling – less strain on the operator

The design of the new LRV39 has comfort in mind, textured non-slip grips make the tool comfortable to hold for the duration of the job and standardised Autobalancers on the grinder help to reduce operator stress and fatigue.

Not compromising on power or comfort the LSV39 enables customers to become more productive than ever before.

We have a complementary fit with a partner product too, the Atlas Copco LSV39 integrates nicely with the Pferd CC Grind Solid, which increases production and reduces vibration – the combination is truly fantastic and definitely worth a try!

If you are interested in a free trial of the Atlas Copco LSV39 grinder then please contact us to arrange a demo.

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