Product Profile | Sturtevant Richmont TCVe2

Sturtevant Richmont and the TCVe2.

The pioneering torque specialists in the US are bringing to market a brand new TCV Controller now with an ethernet connection.

A Brief History

Originally launched in 1999, the I/O driven TCV controller was something of a pioneer in delivering wireless error proofing in the tooling market. Driven by a PLC, the TCV was great for controlling a process and verifying the completion of work.

With one box and one tool, the original TCV worked simply with a click wrench. Although it delivered no reporting on work completed, it did provide never before seen process verification, which for many operators was a perfect fit in their assembly processes.

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The New TCVe2

The new TCVe2 available at Abbey Industrial Solutions, works with an Ethernet Connection, presenting MES connection capabilities. In essence, the level of sophistication in reporting and process accuracy is exponentially expanded.

Compatible for use with Sturtevant Richmont’s TAC (the digital torque and angle click wrench) and the SLTC FM 2.4 GHz, two operators can work simultaneously using the TCVe2, without any compromises on production speed.

Using Sturtevant Richmont’s new digital torque and angle wrench, the TCVe2 captures date and time stamps alongside exact torque and angle values for each fastening. This provides operators with the precise data required in modern intelligent manufacturing without compromising on takt time. The nature of the reporting highlights where the wrench clicked and where the operator ceased pulling. This is actionable data which users can then use for reporting and training.

Available at Abbey Industrial Solutions

If you have an indexing line and torque control matters, the TCVe2 and radio equipped tools by Sturtevant Richmont can go a long way in helping you to maximise your manufacturing productivity.

At Abbey, we pride ourselves on being a comprehensive tooling solutions provider, supporting you through the purchase, installation and maintenance of your Sturtevant Richmont tooling with our manufacturer trained team of engineers and specialist technical support teams. We manage the complete life-cycle of your tooling, from purchase to service and maintenance, from our UK based service centres, ensuring a proactive and swift response to your tooling needs.

The TCVe2 along with Sturtevant Richmont’s rich portfolio of torque specialist tooling is now available to purchase at Abbey Industrial Solutions. Our specialist teams work with you to thoroughly assess and understand your tooling needs before recommending robust, considered solutions to help maximise your manufacturing productivity.

Contact the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions today to learn how we can help you maximise your manufacturing productivity: |  01924 224240

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