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Right Angle Grinders That Deliver Power, Control and Comfort – Available With Abbey’s Exclusive Discount For A Limited Time


Specialist manufacturer Cleco, are leading innovators when it comes to developing robust tooling.
Their Right Angle Grinders are designed to tackle the most demanding applications across industry: removing material efficiently in foundries, shipyards, machine shops, auto motive and rail  production. When the job calls for precision control and powerful grinding, Cleco’s Right Angle Grinders deliver every time.

The high performance 1.7Hp motor equals maximum power, yet the ergonomic design and anti-vibration handle means less hand fatigue.

Cleco’s Right Angle Grinders are also versatile, with a 270° adjustable guard, allowing access to awkward spaces and a spindle look for quickly changing abrasives.

Available in 4’’, 4.5” and 5” disc sizes, why compromise on durability or comfort?

At Abbey IS, we offer our customers, not only the very latest technology, but also the best deals through our partnerships with manufacturers.
Abbey are able to distribute Cleco’s Right Angle Grinders at a ‘preferred partner’ rate until September 2019 so now’s the time to invest in this high spec tool at a discounted cost.
The RRP is £630 but Abbey are able to offer it at £375 for a limited period.

For more information on the Cleco Right Angle Grinders or Abbey’s tooling range, please get in touch on 01924 663608 or email

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What’s new in the marketplace?


Need a robust, compact Flat Head Grinder with power, torque and agility?

Metabo have both corded and cordless versions that have impressive pedigree backed by their XXL 3 Year Warranty.

Choose from the WEF9-125 5” Flat Head Grinder, output at 900 watts, with 5” Flat head which allows you to work to an acute angle of 43° or the Safety Version the WEPBF15-150 output at 1500watts, with a 6” Flat head  which allows you to work to an acute angle of 39°, both grinders as standard have an in built safety clutch (Anti-Kick back), electronic overload protection and re-start protection, the safety version has the added features of a brake which will stop the disc, when the safety paddle trigger is released.Both Corded tools are available with 110v & 240v.

Cordless tools are no less impressive and come either as a body only or as a kit with batteries and charger. Metabo Batteries are also covered by their XXL 3 Year Warranty and are available in both Li Lithium and Lithium HD especially suitable for high power, high torque applications.
Whatever application, steel, rail, construction or indeed, any heavy industry, you can be guaranteed that a Metabo tool will be a great asset.

For more info visit:

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What’s New in the Marketplace?



For a tool that genuinely pushes the boundaries of innovation, Ingersoll Rand have launched the W7152 ImpactTool.

At 20 volts, the ½” drive ImpactTool is a convincing challenger to common pneumatic tools currently available. Its intelligent torque settings allow the operator to multi-task between applications using pre-set shut-off torques and max power. Ideal for industrial use, its high torque capability can help to streamline processes because the Ingersoll W7152 won’t over tighten and can apply consistent torques, unlike its pneumatic competitors.

It is one of the most powerful cordless tool on the market right now.

Start streamlining your process now, arrange a demo and discover the benefits yourself.

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Product Spotlight – Atlas Copco LSV39 Grinder

Atlas Copco LSV39 grinder image

Introducing the brand new Atlas Copco LSV39 grinder, the tool of choice for material removal.  Whether it’s rough grinding, de-burring or sanding in cramped and narrow spaces then this is the perfect tool.

It’s pitched to be the most powerful vane grinder of its size on the market.  With its impressive 1800 kW output it increases productivity by up to 20% over its predecessor the LSV38.

This state-of-the-art material removal tool will significant shorten production processes and provides a host of other benefits:

Extended service life

Designed with longevity in mind the LSV39 is practically maintenance free, providing years of exceptional function.  The service schedule is kept to a minimum, just a grease change every 1,000 hours of use will guarantee 2,500 hrs service life.  Long service intervals are as standard thanks to the sealed angle heads on all of 39 series grinders and sanders.

Greater power – greater productivity

The aesthetics of the LSV39 are cutting-edge with a new ergonomic trigger that provides comfortable handling and reduces total grip size. It’s top of its class too and provides 50% higher output than other grinders on the market.  Productivity can be improved by as much as 20%, providing increased power, which in turn provides faster material removal and improved productivity for your workforce.

Enjoy consistent performance thanks to the new air motor technology, even if it’s connected to a long hose. It gives off 1.8kw output with a 3 metre hose attached, so it gives an impressive output, enabling users to accomplish the trickiest of jobs in the most cramped conditions.

Ergonomic styling – less strain on the operator

The design of the new LRV39 has comfort in mind, textured non-slip grips make the tool comfortable to hold for the duration of the job and standardised Autobalancers on the grinder help to reduce operator stress and fatigue.

Not compromising on power or comfort the LSV39 enables customers to become more productive than ever before.

We have a complementary fit with a partner product too, the Atlas Copco LSV39 integrates nicely with the Pferd CC Grind Solid, which increases production and reduces vibration – the combination is truly fantastic and definitely worth a try!

If you are interested in a free trial of the Atlas Copco LSV39 grinder then please contact us to arrange a demo.

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Product Spotlight – Atlas Copco PF6000

atlas copco pf6000

Introducing a revolution in fastening solutions from Atlas Copco.  This new technology takes productivity, ergonomics, quality and environmental impact to a whole new level.   And all this with the most user-friendly experience ever. Enjoy the benefits of a system providing a unique operator experience, with superior quality control and the most flexible integration. The Power Focus 6000 and Tensor STR is the perfect option for your safety critical assembly processes!

Multi tool controller

The Power Focus 6000 increases your flexibility in rebalancing assembly lines. Now you are able to connect up to six tools to the same controller. Giving you a simpler installation with less cables, hardware components and network drops. Add to that the lower power consumption, less floor space utilisation and a much lower environmental footprint.

Common controller

Benefit from one platform for handheld and fixtured tools. The Power Focus 6000 reduces your inventory costs and training requirements. It’s easy to connect and has configure back up tools, using the same programming interface, becoming your common controller for all tooling requirements.

IAM – Intelligent application module

Software, tightening data and configuration – carry all important information with you in a future proof portable module. Easy to upgrade and stable with a rapid back-up function. Two software areas allow for smart software management. Allowing a much safer upgrade process, always giving the possibility to switch between two software versions.

For a competitive quote on the new Atlas Copco PF6000 fastening solution please call 01924 224240 or email

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Top 5 tools for your Christmas list

As the festive season is upon us, what industrial power tools will make your Christmas list.  We’ve reviewed some of the most innovative and dynamic power tools currently on the market from our partner Atlas Copco and here’s what makes our final cut.

GTG25 5” Grinder 

The GTG25 grinder provides outstanding turbine technology to boost productivity, speeding up turnaround times on vital jobs.  This grinder offers outstanding efficiency over a traditional vane grinder motor and the total air consgrinderumption is significantly lower.

With this state-of-the-art turbine grinder, you get an extremely high rate of material removal on the roughest of surfaces. A speed governor ensures optimum process speed and results in reduced process time, making your workforce more productive and efficient.

Power Focus PF6000

This all new fastening solution takes productivity, ergonomics, quality output and environmental impact to a whole new level.

For safety critical assembly processes the Power Focus 6000 offers superior quality control and flexibpower-focusle integration with the ability to connect up to six tools to the same controller.  Benefit from a simple solution which means less vibrations and no more network drops.  Enjoy lower power consumption, less floor space utilisation and a much lower environmental footprint, the list of benefits really does go on and on with this great product.

LZL05 Air Motor

If you need a powerful performer in a tough environment, then a stainless steel air motor could be the answer.  A strong air-motorproduct that offers efficiency, reliability and longevity. So if your work involves strict hygiene requirements, hazardous or corrosive environments, heat, vibration or knocks, then rest assured these pose no problems for these hard-working motors.

The new LZL models are lubrication free, ensuring a cleaner working environment. Simple to service, and highly reliable, they are an excellent solution for precise mixing of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and paint. They are also a light, efficient power source for general applications.

MultiFlex Swivel Multi-Directional Connector

If you are working with pneumatic assembly tools in cramped and awkward spaces or with heavy material removal tools, then we have a solution. Atlas Copco grinders and sanders are the lightest, most powerful on the market today. But to give optimum performance, they need large-dimension air hoses. As the day goes on, the hose seems to get heavier, but a MultiFlex connector can address these issues, making your workforce much more productive.

The MultiFlex swivel is an ingenious multi-directional connector. Connect your tool and the hose will stay in the ideal position, however much you and the tool move around. The MultiFlex bends in all directions while the hose stays straight. It takes the effort out of working in those cramped spaces. What’s more, the hose feels almost weightless. Combining ergonomic thinking and ingenious design this is an essential for your power tools list.

Tool Positioning System – SMC POSI LA

Put your operation on the path to zero-fault assembly! A Tool Positioning System (TPS), provides operator guidance for tool-positionerassembly operations using hand-held tools across a wide range of applications. The TPS works with an Atlas Copco torque arm and the tool controller to ensure that the joints are tightened in the correct sequence and position. If the tool is not positioned correctly, it simply won’t operate.

Atlas Copco offer a TPS with SMC carbon arms and 2 encoders to measure the length the arm travels and the angle of the arm to determine the position of the arm/tool. With this SMC carbon arm it is possible to verify the position due to the length the arm travels together with an encoder that measures the angle of the arm. The length encoder is mounted inside the arm to safe guard that nothing can interfere with the length measurement and the angle encoder is mounted at the top of the arm. The SMC POSI LA can work in both horizontal and vertical positions and be roof or wall mounted for ease of use. The accuracy of the encoders is 0.32 mm and the arm together with a TPS controller will control the sequence and position.

So what are you waiting for…. get these tools added to you Christmas list and let’s see if you’ve been naughty or nice this year and Santa brings you everything you’ve asked for.

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Product Spotlight: New GTG25 Grinder


Atlas Copco launch new GTG25 Grinder

Press the throttle and experience the immense power of turbine technology. With 2.5 kW of raw power in a 2.1 kg tool, you’ll get the job done quicker than ever before.



The turbine motor is more efficient than a conventional vane grinder motor, therefore it takes less time to do the same job. Also the total air consumption will be significantly lower for a specific job.

With the state-of-the-art GTG25 turbine grinder you get an extremely high rate of material removal on the roughest surfaces. A speed governor ensures optimum process speed and process time is cut to a minimum.

Ergonomic in every sense
The impressively high power-to-weight ratio will not only make your job much easier, it will also boost your productivity. With its amazing power-to-weight ratio, ergonomic angled throttle handle, and the autobalancer to minimize vibrations, the GTG25 effectively reduces strain on the operator.

Your safety, our priority
The GTG25 is equipped with an overspeed shut of device. The adjustable and durable wheel guard ensures maximum operator safety. A dual acting security mechanism is incorporated in the throttle handle to avoid unintentional starts.

Features & benefits

  • Great power to weight
  • 2.5 kW spindle power – 2,5 kW at 32 l/s
  • Energy efficient turbine motor
  • Speed governor for optimal performance
  • Auto Balancer for reduced vibrations
  • Low noise
  • Overspeed shut-off for increased safety
  • Spindle lock and adjustable wheelguard
  • Modular internal components – Easy to service

More efficient than a conventional vane grinder motor, the 2 stage turbine motor in the GTG25 provides an extremely high efficiency leading to great rate of material removal. When it comes to power, performance and operator comfort, the GTG25 is in a class of its own.

Contact us today to arrange a demo and obtain the latest pricing.

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