Delivering bespoke tooling solutions to deliver quality and critical safety

As a household name in the aerospace industry safety and quality are critical to their success.

Due to the unique access challenges during production of their aircraft bespoke tooling solutions are required.

Working closely with manufacturing operators and engineers, the team at Abbey implemented a variety of tools from the Sturtevant Richmont brand.

The LTC Preset Torque Wrenches were selected due to their precision and accuracy in joint critical applications and suitability to highly repeated functions that require reliability and durability.

Stringent tests were a must for the manufacturer, so before use in manufacturing, the tools were tested 5,000 times at operational torque and then a further 10 times at a 125% of operational torque. This provided clear and reliable results of both tool efficiency and expected operator effectiveness.

By partnering with a specialist tooling provider we improved the quality, durability and accuracy required by our client.