Vauxhall Motors

An environmentally conscious and economical solution to tooling repairs at Vauxhall Motors from the Assembly Team at Abbey.  

Vauxhall Motors Ltd (VM) in Luton currently manufactures Peugeot, Citroen, Opel and Vauxhall commercial and passenger vehicles for the European market. At Abbey Industrial Solutions, we have a long standing relationship with VM across their UK sites, providing a tailored sales and service experience to help improve manufacturing processes and efficiencies.

During a routine visit from Abbey, an Assembly Tooling Engineer identified a selection of tools previously understood to be defective and generally in a state of unrepair at VM.

With an enthusiastic response from VM engineers, the Abbey Assembly Tooling Engineer assumed responsibility for the tools, returning to Abbey HQ with intent to repair and make good as many of the assets as possible.

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The Abbey Solution

Stripping the entire collection of tools to understand the true nature of the defects, Abbey’s Assembly Tooling Engineer was able to isolate a selection of assets which could be repaired using working elements from those tools identified as beyond repair. Many of the other tools simply required basic repairs and a purchase of new parts, bringing the tools a new lease of life in line with original manufacturer standards.

Why Abbey Industrial Solutions

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, with customer consent, we will adopt a re-use and recycle policy wherever possible. This not only prolongs the lifespan of your tooling investment, but also contributes towards reduced environmental waste as defective tools are re purposed using working elements from tools in a similar state of disrepair.

Restoring tooling in this manner also extends a significant cost saving to Vauxhall Motors Ltd, as a tool repair cost is often considerably lower than the cost to purchase a new replacement asset.

In Conclusion

The team at Abbey Industrial Solutions will always seek to provide a cost effective and considered solution to every site’s needs. As a company sensitive to the multiple factors influencing tooling purchasing decisions, we will always provide proactive solutions to help maximise manufacturing productivity.

Re-invigorating assets in this way provides a fleet of reserve tooling options for Vauxhall Motors Ltd at a fraction of the cost typically associated with investment in new assets.

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