Manufacturing the future with tooling innovations

Working closely with our clients; a MVI Tier 1 Supplier, Abbey support this leading manufacturer with the supply and service of their tooling assets.  

With a strong and established track record in innovation and manufacturing excellence, Abbey have worked with this dedicated MVI Tier 1 Supplier in their mission to transform the future of mobility.

Aiding this firm’s journey towards creating a safer, greener and better connected world, the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions have held a long-standing relationship with this MVI specialist. Offering both a comprehensive sales and service package, Abbey are able to support this progressive company in a multitude of applications.

When this customer sought to upgrade existing tooling suites to be compatible with Industry 4.0 abilities, they turned to Abbey for advice and installation of their tooling advances.

The Abbey Solution

This MVI Tier 1 Supplier very specifically sought improvements in their production traceability which in turn would help to monitor manufacturing output, alongside delivering enhanced error proofing abilities.

Familiar with their production processes, Abbey were able to conduct a full site and tooling assessment. This took into account our customers priorities and needs, to conclusively suggest a range of Mountz tooling solutions as the best fit.

Abbey were trusted to implement a robust range of Mountz tooling solutions including the MD32 range and ADC Robotic Controllers. The result of which brought forward the desired outcome of enhancing production efficiencies alongside delivering full production traceability.

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Why Abbey Industrial Solutions

Abbey Industrial Solutions have worked with this MVI Tier 1 Supplier for a number of years, with a team of engineers solely dedicated to completing the firms tooling repairs.

The knowledgeable team at Abbey are not only able to provide tooling solutions to suit individual site needs, but also complete thorough servicing work, that too, to original manufacturer standards. Entrusting Abbey to complete the installation and full maintenance of their upgraded tooling suites, our customer was able to comfortably rely on Abbey to deliver on the outcomes they desired.

In Conclusion

The product installation was such a success in enhancing production capabilities, that impressed managers are now ordering more tooling solutions from Abbey, and again trusting the team to oversee implementation and subsequent servicing.

Abbey Industrial Solutions were successful in understanding this MVI company’s requirements, thanks to it’s long standing and dynamic relationship. From ensuring the compatibility of the new tools to existing suites, through to the implementation of comprehensive service packages in line with tooling usage and optimisation of the Mountz product capabilities, Abbey remain to be a trusted, guiding hand for the mobility manufacturer in achieving their company targets.

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