Heating Success with Abbey

Working closely with this prominent boiler manufacturer, our teams identified smarter, more accurate production methods to improve accountability and traceability.  

Operating within a variety of industries for companies both local and global, Abbey maintain a long history rooted in providing dedicated, tailored solutions to meet an array of manufacturing needs. An example of recent success lies with a leading UK based boiler manufacturer. This household name has a long standing relationship with Abbey and rely on the knowledgeable team to help maintain modern, efficient and reliable manufacturing tooling solutions which provide optimum accuracy and traceability.

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The Abbey Solution

As master distributor for a range of leading DC tooling solution providers, when the need for our clients to update their existing range of click wrenches arose, the team at Abbey were able to conduct an assessment of the firm’s needs to recommend the Sturtevant Richmont Exacta Digital Torque Angle Wrench.

Providing ultimate control over the most exacting torque specifications, Sturtevant Richmont wrenches enjoy a reputation as being some of the most accurate, reliable and durable digital torque wrenches available in the market, guaranteeing fastening accuracy in production.

The Abbey team recognised that our clients also required operational accuracy with full traceability in a joint critical manufacturing environment, therefore the combined introduction of Sturtevant Richmont wrenches and the Mountz NDC Series allowed our clients to effectively meet their modernisation criteria.

Why Abbey Industrial Solutions

The team at Abbey worked collaboratively with our discerning clients to intimately understand their project criteria, delivering a solution best suited to the heating providers current manufacturing needs.

Fitting in with an existing PLC system, the solutions recommended by Abbey allowed for seamless integration and most importantly, full accuracy and traceability in joint sensitive operations.

Our clients are now able to proudly maintain their optimal production practices and by updating their systems to Sturtevant Richmont and Mountz technology, customers can be assured that industry best tooling solutions are working diligently to produce a boiler backed with legacy, and Abbey intelligence.

In Conclusion

Abbey’s personalised sales and service offer provides new and long-standing clients knowledge on the not only the best solution suited to their individual manufacturing needs, but the comprehensive service plan offered by Abbey also provides complete peace of mind on tooling investments.

Abbey’s longstanding relationship with our client has helped to maintain not only efficient practices in manufacturing for the heating provider but also guarantee constant and consistent operations from their tooling assets thanks to a comprehensive service plan offered by Abbey which minimises tool downtime and inefficiencies in production.

Contact the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions today to learn how we can help you maximise your manufacturing productivity: discover@abbeyis.co.uk |  01924 224240

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