Baxi Boilers

Traceability and tooling accountability offered with the Sturtevant Richmont Exacta Digital Torque Angle Wrench at Baxi.

Throughout our trading history at Abbey Industrial Solutions, we have long placed emphasis in curating and nurturing lasting associations with both suppliers and customers. And thanks to our continued commitment towards providing optimal, and at times bespoke solutions for our clients individual needs; Abbey today can proudly boast of sustaining many loyal and long standing supplier and customer relationships.

Baxi Boilers are one such company who have been with Abbey for many years. Baxi Heating hosts a portfolio of respected brands in the domestic and commercial heating industry across the UK and Ireland.

Baxi always aim to deliver the best value through reliable, energy efficient products and high quality service and technical support, whilst promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability. Abbey’s complimentary company ethos has helped to ensure a long and successful partnership.

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The Solution

Abbey Industrial Solutions are specialist providers of the Sturtevant Richmont (SR) brand. Priding themselves as a provider of accurate, reliable and durable tools, SR are innovators in the torque wrench market.

The first American company to use the microprocessor in torque tool calibration equipment, SR are the only company that wirelessly connects mechanical click, digital and pneumatic tool verification.

The provision of Sturtevant Richmont tools to Baxi’s site in Preston allows for a safer, more traceable assembly of boilers. The SR Exacta Digital Torque Angle Wrench helps to ensure that Baxi boilers are consistently built to exacting specifications compliant to stringent health and safety standards and legislation.

Why Abbey Industrial Solutions?

Abbey Industrial Solutions are a leading independent supplier of tooling solutions from commanding industry suppliers.

Our exclusive relationships with the likes of Sturtevant Richmont establishes a distinctive sales and service proposition for customers such as Baxi Boilers.

Abbey are not only exclusive suppliers of market leading products in the UK, but our time served engineers also undertake extensive product training directly from manufacturers to service tools to original manufacturer standards. This in turn, aids a guarantee to customers of a consistently exemplary sales and service experience from the Abbey team.

Abbey’s independent nature guarantees flexible and impartial buying advise, which for Baxi, includes a sustained focus on increasing safety and productivity for the company.

Abbey Industrial Solutions have worked closely with Baxi to provide the optimum tooling solutions for their needs. Sturtevant Richmont’s tools help to ensure a process integrity whilst improving manufacturing quality and processes for Baxi.

Working with Abbey has helped Baxi to achieve increased efficiency and accuracy in production as they operate under a smarter and more connected manufacturing process.

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