Accelerating Capabilities at Leading Car Engine Manufacturer

Enhancing production processes with Sturtevant Richmont products at a leading, global engine manufacturer. 

At Abbey Industrial Solutions we work with multiple manufacturing specialists to help improve production output and processes. This global engine manufacturer, a long standing client of Abbey, sought impartial, reliable solutions to their tooling headaches.

This leading engine manufacturer wanted to replace existing, expensive DC Tooling assets, which although intelligent, proved extremely cumbersome on manufacturing floors. There was also an added issue in that, the tools were only being used for select functionality when in actual fact, the tools had further capabilities that were simply of no use to this manufacturer. Therefore, the tools were not maximising their operational potential.

Abbey’s clients sought a solution to help reduce tooling investment cost, whilst maximising production efficiency.

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The Abbey Solution

Abbey suggested a range of intelligent tooling from American owned Sturtevant Richmont. This range may have select functionality in comparison to the earlier, more expensive counterpart, however, most importantly, it was the only functionality this engine manufacturer was ever seeking. Therefore, the tools performed perfectly against the company’s needs.

The benefits of the Sturtevant Richmont system is that unlike the model being replaced, their ranges are drop tested to be more durable, less prone to factory re-sets and provide enhanced efficiency, traceability and accuracy in manufacturing.

Adding to that, these fully cordless assets overcame the needless operational complexities of the previous tooling systems, whilst connecting seamlessly to existing PLC programmes, thus offering enhanced compatibility with other manufacturer suites.

Why Abbey Industrial Solutions

At Abbey, we maintain multiple exclusive supplier relationships, bringing customers the best solutions to their tooling needs and budgets.

We consider investment cost over the lifetime of a tooling asset, and that is why the systems we promote such as Sturtevant Richmont, prove to be a considered investment. With no payments required for subsequent system upgrades and priced competitively in line with product benefits, the range offers a viable and versatile solution to customer needs.

Implementing Sturtevant Richmont’s robust range of products has helped to improve cost of investment in tooling assets. With smart technology, the tools also offer increased reliability, durability and traceability, factors imperative to the successful construction of a modern engine.

In Conclusion

At Abbey Industrial Solutions, we work closely with our clients to understand individual site needs.

The Sturtevant Richmont systems installed in this north eastern production site, have been met with such success that this engine manufacturer is now seeking to replace all tooling assets for Sturtevant Richmont equipment across many more UK based sites.

Beyond the installation of these intelligent tooling systems, the Abbey Team will continue to liaise with this engine manufacturer for the service and calibration work on these assets.

Contact the team at Abbey Industrial Solutions today to learn how we can help you maximise your manufacturing productivity: |  01924 224240

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