Unleash the full potential of your assembly process.


Our automation solutions are designed to maximize productivity, optimizing every aspect of your workflow for peak performance and efficiency.

Starting your journey into automation can be daunting so if you want to try before you take the next step then our Innovation Roadshows are perfect for you. 

Our experts can bring the latest innovations in assembly solutions to your site and provide you with help and advice on the choosing and implementing assembly solutions which will revolutionise your production process. 


On the day you can take part in interactive demonstrations of our end to end solutions including Torque Reaction Arms, Cobots and Smart Workstations.

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Starting your journey into automation can be daunting but Abbey Industrial Solutions offer an end-to-end total solutions approach to help you achieve your productivity goals.

Reaction Arms

Torque reaction arms are ergonomic solutions that absorb the reaction torque generated by assembly tooling. They protect users and improve safety in the workplace and the onset of musculoskeletal disorders. 


Collaborative robotic arms work alongside people to perform tasks that may be too dangerous, strenuous, or tedious for them to accomplish on their own. Cobots can be paired with a variety of tools for multiple applications. 


Smart workstations allow you to create a bespoke solution for your production environment. Compatible with a vast array of accessories the workstation can provide operator guidance and a no fault forward process.

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