Day: 30 March 2021

Company Profile | Metabo

An enduring name in the world of tooling, this months’ company profile shines a light on Metabo, a prominent provider of professional power tool solutions.

During Metabo’s inception in 1924, the company founders developed and sold the first handheld metal drill. Later down the line in 1957, the company introduced the first drill manufactured in a series – and it has continued to innovate and improve it’s tooling since.

Over the years, this leading international manufacturer of power tools and accessories, has come to be recognised as a leading provider of professional drilling technology, which is characterised by its high quality and safety credence.

Offering almost all of their tooling solutions in cordless versions, Metabo have developed powerful battery pack technology to provide a parallel usage experience between the corded and cordless editions.

What are your tooling needs?
As a proud distributor of Metabo products in the UK, Abbey Industrial Solutions bring to market, expert knowledge on solutions to optimise manufacturing processes for our clients. As an independent tooling solutions provider, Abbey Industrial Solutions are on hand to provide advice on the latest in tooling innovations across the industry. Whether you seek replacements for single units or require an entire suite of tooling assets, our expert team are on hand to guide you through your every tooling sales and service need.

Would financing help?
In these uncertain times we want to help you in every way we can. Be that the best tooling advice, servicing provisions or finance options to support your tooling purchases.

Abbey Finance is a transparent financing option which allows our customers to preserve lines of credit whilst maximising budget expenditure in a payment plan seamlessly designed to suit individual buying needs. With Abbey Finance, customers can invest capital across multiple assets within the business as necessitated.

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